Funny Little Things


I love being a Mum.

Today I have made a big effort in letting P2 self soothe. I seriously thought I’d end up crying myself but she was so excellent! Not a tear shed for either of us. I fed her, I burped her whilst over my shoulder, then I put her wide awake in her bouncer where she happily sat before falling asleep. We managed this for every feed/sleep throughout the day.

To be honest I’ve really missed having cuddles with my snuggle monster but it’s done us both the world of good and I’m sure we’ll make up for the missed cuddles during the night. She’s cried less, she’s not demanded my boob as much and when she feeds it’s been for longer each time. Overall I’ve had a very happy and content baby who let me have a full dinner whilst she was awake, yes actually awake, in her bouncer.

It’s a Thursday and my OH takes P1 to my grandparents for the day. He arrived home tonight and I wondered where P1 was. He looked confused until I said “you are meant to have picked her up from my grandparents” he was shocked but we all laughed. Don’t worry she’s home safe and sound now. I think it was a stressful day at work but it really was hilarious. Especially as he’d stopped on the way home to buy P1 Rowntree’s Randoms. Bless him.

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  1. Help Me Help Holly ♥

    hmm I need to get a little tougher and try this with my little princess! At the moment she has all her day sleeps on me, but I know I can’t do that forever 🙁

    • I’ve been guilty of that too until today. Our bedroom is getting unmanageable and P1 is clearly needing more mummy time so I’ve reluctantly used today to train P2… However now at bedtime I think p2 is craving my cuddles as she won’t settle in her Moses. Children hey. M

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