Furniture Choice Create Your Own Christmas Card Competition

I’ve said it over and over again that P1 is rather arty. So am I, that’s why we have a ginormous art box. So it was really exciting when Furniture Choice contacted me about their Create Your Own Christmas Card competition to win a Stompa bed and they kindly sent us a fantastic array of crafty Christmas bits to help P1 with her card making.
20131216-092331 am.jpg

20131216-092343 am.jpg

20131216-092355 am.jpgI have to admit that I have a tendency to get a little hands on when we do art activities at home. P1 knows this so she kindly gave me the duty of cutting her creations out, however, everything else was the work of my nearly 5 year old.

Since the bag of goodies arrived P1 has been bugging at me to start card creating so last night after she’d got back from the zoo, I allowed her to have an arty evening and a late night!

I decided that we’d only use the materials that were given to us so firstly, we talked about what she’d like to put on the card and how she was going to do it. Then I set out the materials into little pots to make it easier for her.
20131216-092855 am.jpg

20131216-092906 am.jpgShe had so much fun with all the different arty things. It was lovely to watch her be so excited. Talking about when Santa comes he’ll really like her card and other Christmas related things.

20131216-094317 am.jpg

20131216-094326 am.jpg

20131216-094338 am.jpg

20131216-094353 am.jpg

20131216-094407 am.jpg

20131216-094421 am.jpgLook at the concentration on this face…20131216-094435 am.jpgAre you ready to see the end result? The card that she’ll be giving to Santa to say thank you for her toys?

Here it is:
20131216-094951 am.jpgFor anyone that cannot translate a nearly 5 year old’s writing it says: To Santa, Thank for my toys, love Freya” with a Santa stamp seal of approval.

She’s expecting a card in return from Santa. I wonder how creative Father Christmas is… I just want to say thank you to Furniture Choice for giving P1 such pleasure… And also thank you for the little bits of glitter that happens to be absolutely everywhere!!!!!! Despite the several times I’ve hoovered. P1 definitely enjoyed the glitter.
20131216-095343 am.jpg(This post is my entry to the Furniture Choice Create Your Own Christmas Card competition. The materials were supplied free of charge by Furniture Choice)

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