GateKeeper (GK-Chain) Review

My hubby turned 25 yesterday. I always struggle to buy for him and always end up feeling super guilty when I just can’t think of anything. He knows me so well and always gets really thoughtful gifts!

I do know that he is heavily interested in his computer, so much so it takes up the whole counter in our kitchen, and he had been banging on about this special little locking thing. He sent me a link which I assumed was his hint of “please get this for my birthday”. So that I did and the Gate Keeper arrived with plenty of time.

Seeing his face light up as he unwrapped my very inventive kitchen-foil gift wrap was a picture. (One I forgot to capture) He was super excited about it and immediately got to work with loading it to his computer.


The Gate Keeper Chain is a little USB that plugs into your computer or laptop (Windows and Mac compatible), then you have a key fob for your keys. The GK-Chain uses bluetooth with a range of 0-100ft to automatically lock and unlock your computer just by walking away or to it. The GK-Chain also doubles up as a tracker for your personal items such as bikes or your child’s school bag by using a handy app. The software was easy to download and instructions very simple.

I think this is such a great idea for parents and bloggers that have little children bashing keyboards when their backs are turned or for when in Costa and you pop to the counter for the second slice of cake. It’s also a perfect solution for workplaces, hospitals and schools where prying eyes will jeopardise safety policies. It costs $49.99 and they ship worldwide.

As for my husbands birthday, he was has been completely spoilt this year and he still has more to come which will be blogged about soon. Yesterday, he went for a surprise treat with his Mum for some hovercraft driving whilst I looked after my BiL and my girls. We enjoyed a lovely roast dinner and family time.


Value for money
Ease of use

Excellent device for keeping your computer data safe and personal belongings.

User Rating: 4.7 ( 2 votes)

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