“I get such a warm fuzzy feeling when I receive gifts”

There’s certainly a trend in the blogging world right now with Christmas just two weeks away! Every where I look there’s photos of Christmas decorations, food, gift guides, Christmas jumpers and product reviews. Oh the reviews are coming in thick at the moment for me and at times I’ve felt completely overwhelmed and slightly scared I’ll lose some readership by just posting about products. Then I remember just how lucky we are to be given the opportunities we have.

I’ve slowly started putting P3 into some Christmas outfits. It started with the odd vest with a Santa on for bed time and then it ventured to sleepsuits. Yesterday, we went that one step further and attended a friend’s Christmas party so I indulged and dressed P3 in her Christmas Day outfit. I even raided P2s Christmas Eve presents for her onesie, however no photos were taken that may be seen by P1!

christmas elsa

I get such a warm fuzzy feeling when I receive gifts and certainly nervous when I open in front of friends. Every time the postman arrives I get so eager to see what bits and bobs are arriving. Each product I have to review is so exciting and this month has been so busy but the most heart warming parcels are the ones containing gifts. Lansinoh sent us some of their Earth Friendly Baby bath products. We’re still using the massage oil from last year’s present!


It’s the little things that are exciting me the most this year. I still need to finish P1s special Santa sack which is slightly scaring me. But I’m feeling really Christmassy now. With all the wrapping done and plans set, it’s quite emotional really.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

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  1. P3 looks adorable – what a cute outfit.

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