Getting Active With PITCH Brioche Pasquier

We have gone about three months without a car recently and I have never been so active in my life. I think I’ve been living in a mix of complete exhaustion but actually feeling quite good about it. Being active has so many benefits and I definitely think I’ve started to feel some of them in that time.

brioche pasquier pitch

We were recently sent some of the Brioche Pasquier range called PITCH. I hadn’t heard of these specific products but they come in two flavours. There’s a PITCH Choc Chip Brioche and PITCH Chocolate Brioche. These are free from preservatives, artificial colours and hydrogenated fats so they make the perfect treat for a child.

At the moment, when you buy a pack of PITCH you can receive a pedometer for your family. These are a perfect way to track the amount of steps you are taking doing every day life or even your favourite activity. I took our pedometer with us whilst we did our school run in the morning and fed the ducks. P2 found it really interesting watching the numbers increase as we walked.


I love the PITCH range from Brioche Pasquier. They are each individually wrapped so are perfect for a school snack. Now that P1 is in Key Stage 2, we have to provide them with a snack for their morning break. I have given her one of these for this past week and she loves them! Each pack costs about £1.85 for a pack of 6 which I think is great value!

Don’t forget to head to the PITCH website to enter your pack codes to win lots of prizes too!!

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