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Firstly I should probably point out that this is not a sponsored blog post, although Hello Fresh if you are reading this please do get in touch. I do have a voucher below for my readers though. Now that disclosure is over with I can get on with my post. Growing up I was always a fussy eater, I had no interest in food and therefore spent my life eating convenience foods like pie, chicken nuggets and pizza. I’m no longer a fussy eater although I wish I was because I’ve put on so much weight since finding a love for eating.

Hubby had a voucher code a while ago for a Hello Fresh box at a reduced price. We thought we’d give it a go and although my taste buds had improved, I felt pretty nervous about eating some of the meal options. But I braved it and I’ve not looked back. We have used Hello Fresh on and off (in all honesty only when we get a voucher code) now for about six months but in the past month we have had Hello Fresh every single week.

We picked to have the five meals for two people option. The original cost is £49 per week but we’ve never actually paid that so far. It works out to be roughly £10 a day or £5 each per day. I personally think that’s a good price, you’d be paying triple that for the same type of meal in a restaurant. We’ve seen Hello Fresh transform over the months. It used to be pretty shoddy I’m comparison, all the ingredients put in the box together.

Now, they separate the ingredients depending on the recipe and even colour code them. The recipe cards are clearly marked and so are the paper bags. The paper bags only contain the cupboard ingredients, fridge stuff are separate. Personally I think their should be an instruction leaflet right at the top of the box as I have known people to open each bag and put the stuff away. It’s much easier if you leave them in the bags.

The cold ingredients such as the meat and dairy products are kept inside a sealed biodegradable bag that has several reusable ice packs. They are designed to be able to be left on your doorstep (or safe place) all day if need be. So there’s no worry or hassle of staying indoors all day waiting for your delivery. Although, they’re pretty good because they send you a text with the hour delivery slot. We have never had an issue with the cooler bag, everything has always been cold and the ice packs still frozen.

I find the recipe cards really easy to follow. This is going to sound pathetic but I’ve learnt how to chop certain vegetables since using Hello Fresh and it’s taking less time too. I have really loved the ease of having the Hello Fresh box. We have fresh, home cooked meals each night and they are generally really good for you. In. Omparison to the usual convenience food we used to have. I also enjoy flavours id never thought I would like leeks and onions.

The only downside I personally have is the time it takes each evening. For me, who is still learning to cook, the recipes take much longer than the suggested time. So I end up not eating until 9pm ish by the time the kids are in bed and I’ve finished cooking. But I enjoy the peace of cooking too so it’s a bit of a circle situation. I really want to continue to use Hello Fresh we’ve tried Gousto Box before and we loved that too because you could choose the meals you wanted. But Hello Fresh have recently changed to allow this option too and they are newly in some supermarkets too! 

I actually have a special voucher code for you to use. You can get a £25 coupon to spend on your first box of fresh ingredients and delicious recipes with Hello Fresh by entering the following voucher code 6RK4PV. Enjoy!

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