Getting Crafty With A Willow & Wild Box

A few days ago my girls were really lucky to receive three Willow & Wild Box‘s in the post, each personalised with their names. I was really shocked to find that a gardening subscription box could fit through the letter box but they did! One of our focuses for 2018 is to get our garden usable and family friendly, so this nature inspired box of fun was just what we needed to kick start this new challenge for us.

This a monthly subscription box and this type of thing is getting increasingly popular. Inside each box are all the materials you need to make at least 2 craft projects, vegetable and flower seeds with step by step planting & growing instructions, outdoor activity & inspiration guides, and recipe cards. There are other options on the website to choose from at different costs; one off boxes which are slightly large with more bits included, then there are 3, 6 or 12 month options with free goodies.

Each box had their names printed on top. My daughters were so excited to see post that was for them and with the box being brightly coloured with Willow the Butterfly and Wild the Worm on top, they were intrigued to get started and see what was inside.

The boxes are designed for children aged 3-8 years of age. P1 is actually 9 years old but she had so much fun doing this and probably got the most out of it as her understanding was much greater. I was really surprised at just how much can fit inside a box that can go through your letter box. There was felt tips, glue, paintbrushes, paper plates, instructions and craft materials.

P3 really loved making Willow the butterfly, it was really easy to make and I would love to create more to decorate our dining room with as they turned out so pretty. P2 loved making Wild the worm and sticking the googly eyes on. P1 was totally engulfed by the more science learning activity making an underground and above ground growing guide. 

We haven’t got round to planting our seeds yet but Willow & Wild have posted some great ideas on their social media on how to use newspaper as a plant pot. So I’ll definitely be giving that one a go with the girls. What I love is that you don’t actually need a garden for growing the seeds provided. This box had Snapdragon Flowers and Radishes. My goal for the garden is to have a little vegetable patch inside Hubby’s old car tyres, I’m just waiting for him to actually change them so I can snap them up.

The Willow & Wild Box is such a creative idea for kids. It gets them involved in learning about nature, growing your own crops and even how to use them in cooking too with their handy recipe cards. The girls had a great afternoon with me at the dining table during a wet winters day. The monthly subscription costs £12.99 and I honestly don’t think that is too bad for what is included. It would make a great gift too!!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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