Getting Organised For Starting Primary School & Giveaway

We have got a pretty busy summer holiday planned. There’s days out, mini breaks and play dates dotted about the entire time so I wanted to make sure I was organised the earlier part of the holidays with regards to back to school. It terrifies the heck out of me that I’ll have three little people to get organised.

I was definitely appreciative of being offered to review the Bright Star Kids School Labels Value Kit and School Bag Tag to review. When we attended P2s Parent Information evening at the school, the one thing that they droned on about was labelling everything. I’m awful for it, none of P1s clothing is labelled but with P2 going in to reception I wanted her to be able to choose her own special labels. The website really allows you to customise everything from colours to the picture. 

Our label kit arrived in a brightly coloured envelope. We addressed it to P2 so she could really feel involved. She’d picked her favourite colour pink and unicorns because she is really obsessed with them at the moment. I have to admit I was definitely sceptical about the bag tag. I thought it would be made of card and be easily destroyed. But actually the tag is super hard wearing and I’m pretty sure it’s made from plastic. The little rubber tag strap is also really durable. P2 was so excited to put it on her brand new school bag. 

The School Labels Value Kit comes with over 190 labels. Precisely; 10 x Large Stick On Labels, 16 x Large Round Stick On Labels, 16 x Round Blank Protection Shoe Covers, 30 x Small Stick On Labels, 10 x Subject Labels, 80 x Tiny Stick On Labels and 30 x Regular Iron On Clothing Tags. I actually didn’t know what was included in the kit but had so much fun personalising them. I was really impressed and P2 was so excited to start sticking them on her things. We’ve managed to persuade her not to stick them on random things and save them for her school items when she gets them. We had popped a name sticker on her bag and her drink bottle.

I couldn’t wait to get P2 her first school uniform and we actually found it all in Sainsburys for such a good price too, plus extra Nectar points. The iron on labels are brilliant. They are just the right size and can be ironed on really easily to all fabrics. The different fabrics tend to take different amounts of time and I like to over do it a little to make sure the bond between fabric and sticker is strong. It took about 30 seconds on max setting on my iron. To be fair my iron never gets used so it’s probably much quicker on a normal iron. I have washed her uniform and the labels have all stayed in tact but we have plenty of spare just in case.

So now that we are sorted for labelling, including P2s knickers and socks, I have a School Labels Value Kit to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. I hope this will make your back to school a little less stressful. Just fill in the Rafflecopter widget below for lots of chances to win. On top of the giveaway below, there’s also a brilliant 25% off offer with no minimum spend requirements. It ends on the 31st August 2017 and all you have to do is enter the code NAME25 at the checkout. Good luck everyone!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I’m looking forward to my son meeting new children and making friends

  2. Maria Jane Knight

    I’am looking forward to our holiday in the Forest of Dean.

  3. Little 1 going to pre-school

  4. Going back to work and settling the children into their new classes

  5. Routine. Apart from that nothing. I love the kiddies being home.

  6. a bit of peace and quiet when my daughter starts school!

  7. My eldest daughter starting secondary school- a new chapter for her.

  8. days to myself again

  9. Routine – Oh how I love the holidays but I love routine.

  10. love the start of a new year 🙂

  11. At the moment I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m sure I will be by the end of august! I will be looking forward to getting a clean and tidy house again!

  12. I’m looking forward to the kids going back to school.

  13. Starting a new school year! I’m a teacher and this is the first year I’ve looked forward to it in a long time!

  14. getting my house back in order.

  15. Getting our routine mojo back! With the bad weather and lack of plans, we’ve struggled to get going in the morning.

  16. My children making new friends and the enthusiasim of a new teacher!

  17. I’m looking forward to my children going back to school

  18. Peace and quiet (and clean carpets)

  19. Our summer holiday

  20. Family visiting from Australia!

  21. Victoria Hemmings

    look forward to seeing my daughter starting pre-school

  22. I’m not looking forward to September at all.

  23. going on holiday

  24. I’m actually looking forward to meeting my little boy’s new pre-school teacher and filling her in on the fact that he had 3 different teachers last year who all left to have babies!! (nothing to do with him you understand…hehe!)

  25. My 40th birthday party!

  26. I am looking forward to Autumn walks, cosy nights in and starting my new job.

  27. I’m actually looking forward to the start of autumn! I’m getting bored of everything summery by then! Time to turn my attention to more indoorsy jobs and activities.

  28. Peace and quiet!

  29. Not hemmorrhaging money for daily days out after hearing ‘I’m bored’ 50 times before lunchtime

  30. A weekend away with hubby – daughter is at granny’s!

  31. normal life again!!

  32. Both my kids are starting new schools in September, so I’m looking forward to when they’re both feeling settled in 🙂

  33. Going back to normality

  34. starting my new job working as a prison dentist! should be…interesting

  35. looking forward to our little Grandson coming to stay with us

  36. Im looking forward to seeing my kids in their new uniform looking so smart.

  37. i’m not, i love my time with my boys and not rushing about trying to get to 2 schools on time 🙂

  38. The end of overtime at work! It couldn’t have come at a worse time!

  39. Hi. The rafflecopter doesnt seem to be loading.

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