Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

Feeling uninspired what to get the man in your life? Men aren’t always very easy to buy gifts for. Here’s some inspiration to help you select the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other events

What to buy for a birthday 

Gadgets make great presents for men of all ages and there are always some pretty cool ones on the market. is a good place to start as the site offers the latest high-tech and cool tech toys. If you want something more unusual or really cutting edge, head to Kickstarter. This crowd funding site gives you previews of amazing new products. We’re loving the Ferrofluid: a small flask containing a magnetic liquid you can play with using magnets.

What to buy for an anniversary

For a special anniversary you probably want to splash out a bit more. We love the Coolest, a high-tech camping drinks cooler with all kinds of gizmos built in. These include in-built lighting, a blender for making drinks, and even a USB charger in case his mobile goes flat. It’s great for camping, picnics and attending any outdoor event such as a sports or music event.

What to buy for Christmas

Christmas is followed by new year resolutions. If he’s a smoker, consider giving him an electronic cigarette kit to have the best chance of quitting in the new year. It’s a way to show you care for his health.

What to buy for Valentines day

Valentines isn’t for everyone. Avoid the cheesy red and pink gifts and instead treat him to an experience. Redletterdays is one site which offers plenty of ideas from driving supercars to flying in a hot air balloon. We also like the idea of a UK safari – so take him to Longleat or enjoy an Exmoor safari.

What to buy to say you’re sorry

If you need to think of a way to say you’re sorry, you need to be considerate and show you’ve thought carefully about your gift. The website offers the chance to personalise a present. We especially like their astronomy-themed gifts and they also do cool presents for men interested in travel or cycling. These nebula cuff-links are especially unique. 

You could also shop for quirky gifts inspired by the London underground on . A man who’s been to London will appreciate the iconic orange and brown block design taken from tube seating, especially if he’s a taste for retro.


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