For Christmas my OH told me that his present to me would be taking me clothes shopping once P2 is here and I’m back to my pre-pregnancy body. My Nan is also doing the same.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate shopping. Let alone clothes shopping. I’ve had the same clothes for the past… Well to be honest some are very old and date back to when I was at school probably! I guess you could say that’s a perk to being small and not really changing shape so drastically that warrants a complete wardrobe change. To the extent where I haven’t had to purchase any maternity trousers.

My OH has already started buying my bits. I’ve let him have full reign of the choice – risky. But I wanted a new stylish me in 2013 and I don’t think I would be able to achieve this on my own.

This was the first parcel to arrive. Enough underwear for nearly a whole month!!!!!! No bras though as we won’t know what size I’ll be and when due to me breastfeeding. When I saw the bag I immediately thought uh oh I’ve now got to satisfy him by wearing string around my nunnie. Well to my very huge surprise the underwear is very tasteful and I’m quite excited about feeling girly and normal again.

This was the second parcel to arrive. 12 leggings! My man knows me too well. About a year ago when all the funky colourfully leggings came into fashion I timidly joined in. Got a few remarks from work colleagues but everyone now knows me for wearing unusual leggings. My OH chose some pretty amazing leggings!

It’s given me great motivation and excitement to get healthy and fit after this pregnancy. I’m going to have a lot of clothes to aim to fit into. I will be a yummy mummy 🙂

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  1. That is so exciting!! Definitely something to look forward to!

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