God Looks After Nightmares

I’m feeling very guilty this morning. I was moaning about my brothers alarm vibrating on the floor above our bedroom waking us up to my mum through the bathroom door when P1 suddenly starting crying.

I rushed into her room. She was clearly very very upset. She’d had a bad dream and the way she described it I’m not surprised she was crying!!

“There was lots of black aliens and one was blue. I showed them Eva and they took her and put her on the counter. Then she wasn’t a baby anymore she was a piece of old metal. The aliens tried to change her back but they couldn’t”

Then it dawned on me that when we did our usual prayer to God at bedtime last night that I hadn’t asked him to look after her bad dreams. We’d added that recently as she’s had a few spurts of nightmares and since adding it to our prayer they’d completely gone. Well last night I’d forgotten.

I’d asked God to look after the scary noises, the darkness and the monsters but not the nightmares!! How stupid am I?!

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