Godshill Model Village – Isle of Wight 2020 – Day 3

The weather was absolutely incredible for our Isle Of Wight holiday. The early morning blessed us with over 20-degree heat, my perfect weather type so I woke up each morning feeling excited for a day of fun.

For our third day on the island, we’d booked tickets to visit the Godshill Model Village. It’s a little attraction we have visited most of the times we have been to the Isle Of Wight. 

The Godshill Model Village is in a central (but slightly South) location on the island. Godshill is the most picturesque village, it’s so cute and full of character. There’s a car park which is free and allows easy access to the shops, cafes and the Model Village.

For those who have never been, I have a full review here, but it’s a family run business showcasing the most incredible models in what was once the back garden of the Old Vicarage.

As part of their new COVID measures, we booked our tickets online and chose an entrance slot. The Model Village has imposed a one-way system to help keep customers safe. It’s a rather small attraction so I was interested to see how our morning would turn out.

I’m not going to lie about it, I didn’t feel safe whilst visiting the Model Village but I think it’s important to say that I don’t believe it was because of the Model Village. It was the other visitors who had no respect for the social distancing markers and rules.

It felt like I spent the entire time nagging at the children to keep back from people that were coming far too close to them. There was plenty of notices and painted markers throughout so there really was no excuse.

My mother-in-law’s partner had put together the most wonderful packed lunch for us all. So we head to Ryde Beach to enjoy it in the sunshine. 

I will always remember the first time we experienced Ryde Beach. The tide was out and it exposed the sandworm castings, the worm itself is rarely seen. Eva absolutely hated it and I think it’s what gave her the fear she has of worms. This time, we came prepared with beach shoes and explained what they were.

Ryde is quite a flat beach and the tide coming back in can take you by surprise so you have to be careful. The water was really warm and shallow for such a long while giving us lots of time to splash, run and swim.

The sand is a little more shingly closer to the water’s edge, but quite fine and fluffy nearer the sea wall. Grandad got to work on building yet another sandcastle with a mote. The kids loved watching the tide come in.

One thing that Eva was determined to do this holiday, was practising her swimming skills. When the water had come in, the depth stayed roughly the same so this was the perfect time for Grandad to help her learn. She did so well! You can see her swimming in the sea in our video.

We spent the whole afternoon enjoying family time on the beach. It was the perfect way to relax after a rather stressful visit to the Model Village earlier. There truly is something magical about sea air and being outdoors.

We finished our day out by feeding the ducks and swans that live around the canoe lake just behind the beach. We actually went on swan paddle boats during a previous IOW trip, and it was sad to see they were not there this time.

The ducks thoroughly enjoyed their duck seed that we always carry in the car nowadays. I was shocked at how many pigeons we saw in this area too. I’m not a big fan of flying birds!

After spending some time with the ducks, we headed back to Kemphill Barn to wash and chill out for the evening.

Kemphill Barn was definitely a great place to call our base for the week. It’s pretty central and you can easily access all areas of the island within a short amount of time.

Although there were some other barns nearby, it didn’t feel overlooked at all. The girls had lots of space to run around safely and freely. In fact, it was beautiful to see them doing things other than their iPad. We’d told them that we hadn’t packed them, but we actually had!

In the next Isle of Wight blog post, it’s my mother-in-laws birthday and we enjoyed a day out at Blackgang Chine! But for now, I’ll leave you with a video from our day out.

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