Going On A Muddy Puddle Walk

Just under two years ago we took our first ever steps into Paultons Park. They have a whole world dedicated to Peppa Pig and back then she was P2s idol. It’s now P3s turn to be obsessed with the pink pig and luckily we were invited back to help Save The Children on their latest campaign. It was so exciting!

Although P2s adoration for Peppa is reducing by the day, there’s nothing she loves more than a rollercoaster and rides. Unfortunately it was back to school for P1 so just four of us headed to Southampton for a Muddy Puddle Walk with Save The Children UK. It was an early start for a two hour journey and typically I had woken up feeling rotten. I took a few paracetamol and hoped for the best.

Traffic was horrendous but getting a chance to have a special meet and greet with not only Peppa and George, but Zoe and Suzie too definitely blew away the bad traffic vibes. P3 was so excited when she saw them but as soon as they were in touching distance, she panicked. P2 got stuck in with high diving and cuddles. Zoe Zebra even stole her cat ears at one point.

We were actually in the park a whole hour before it opened. The girls were able to play with the characters in the park. Definitely a highlight was being pushed on the roundabout by the characters and being clapped by Peppa and George as you go down the slide. It was a special experience for them and I continue to feel grateful for the opportunities my children get.

Not all children are so lucky though and that’s where Save The Children UK come in. They are a charity that raises money for children in the UK and worldwide. We had a really important reason to be enjoying a day out at Paultons Park. Part of it was getting the chance to splash around in muddy puddles. The main part was to enjoy a Muddy Puddle Walk.

The newest fundraising campaign is super easy to take part in. It’s even suitable for those without a garden. The idea is that you get sponsored to go on a walk, whether that be around your school playground, a nursery building, your local park or even your own lounge! It’s about getting together with family or friends or even by yourself to explore the world around you. Save The Children UK have teamed up with Peppa Pig to make this more appealing and fun for children.

Our Muddy Puddle Walk took us around Paultons Park. We had a checklist and P3 found the walk really fascinating. I loved seeing her little face light up when she found the big gorilla, the parrot and bug hotel. Save The Children UK have some great resources to help you plan your walk. Already over 7,000 people have signed up to take part during the 8-14th May this year. It’s such an easy way to raise money for children who truly need it.

Lunch was served and we were able to chat with the other bloggers. I had started to feel quite poorly again but was determined to make sure the girls enjoyed their time at Paultons Park. We said goodbye to everyone and was able to enjoy the rest of the day on the rides at our own free will. Although the school holidays were over for us, it wasn’t in Southampton so the queues were pretty hefty.

We managed to do all of our favourite rides. P2 heading off a lot with Daddy for the big rides and I stayed queuing up for the P3-suitable ones. By closing time I was feeling awful, shaking and my throats was killing me. The girls kept smiling though. Hubby made sure they were entertained and had his full attention whilst I died quietly in the corner. We left at closing time. Despite feeling ill we had a fantastic day and I am so excited to be part of this amazing cause! Please don’t forget to head over to the Muddy Puddle Walk website and sign up to take part. I also created a video below to show you all what we got up to.

Disclosure: We received entry into Paultons Park For the Save The Children blogger event

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