Going To The Park With Bassetts Multivitamins #nodulldays

During the summer it is easy to get out and about with our children. The warm weather makes us want to be out in it exploring and going on adventures. As autumn sets in, the days get colder and the sun setting earlier gives us shorter daylight hours, getting outside becomes much more of a chore.

The Department Of Health experts are now recommending that everybody should consider taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of Vitamin D to protect bone and muscle health, especially during the autumn and winter period. Bassetts Vitamins have launched a fantastic new multivitamin to help us support our children’s development and with added Vitamin D and Calcium included they are fantastic for the autumn and summer months.

The Bassetts Vitamins Multivitamins + Vitamin D & Calcium are suitable for children aged 3-6 years. They come in packs of 30 pastilles so there’s one for every day of the month. What’s even better is that they cost just £5.50 a packet. Teamed with a healthy diet the multivitamins help to boost their immune system, strengthen their muscles and bones and keep their little developing brains working as they should.The soft, chewy pastilles are perfect for kids and an easy way for us parents to know that our children are getting all the support they need so that there are #nodulldays this winter period.

I wanted to share some photos of an afternoon trip we took recently. It was a little chilly but we had been indoors for a few days so we headed to Calverley Grounds. There’s a brand new park there and we had not been there yet so this was a perfect opportunity to capture some cute shots of the girls. It made me realise just how pretty the autumn months are and how I desperately want to enjoy every moment of the colder months despite the weather. With Bassetts Vitamins I can make sure my girls are fighting fit and ready to have fun this autumn and winter.

Our friends at Bassetts Vitamins have also created a fab code that you can use to get £2 off one pack of NEW Bassetts 3-6 Yrs Multivitamins Peach & Apricot + Calcium 30s at Boots.com! All you need to do is sign in as normal, apply the code BASSMVS2 at the checkout and embrace #NoDullDays! You can only use the code once per transaction, and the code can only be redeemed on the first 5,000 valid claims until 23:59 on 12th November.*

*Subject to Boots T&Cs. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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