Going On A Sleep Retreat & Unboxing A Gift From DryNites

I was invited to a sleep retreat with DryNites as part of our ambassadorship, whilst there I learnt that getting a good night sleep is actually so much more than just putting them to bed in the evening. I had been super excited in the lead up to the sleep retreat. It was going to be one full 24 hours for just me. A time to relax, learn, socialise and sleep. I was mainly looking forward to the sleep part if I am completely honest.

Unfortunately the broken down car situation really put a damper on my day as although it made it to the Alexander Hotel in Crawley, it didn’t manage to get Hubby back home without breaking again so that really stressed me out. I tried to put it to the back of my mind and enjoy my day the best I could. The hotel was absolutely stunning right from the moment I entered the building. Beautiful wooden entrance leading through to the stately rooms. I was shown downstairs to the conference room where I was greeted by the lovely DryNites team.

drynites sleep retreat

The day started with some really healthy and delicious lunch that was made by the Nutritionist and then we were thrown into some informative sessions with her, the sleep expert and the mindfulness coach. I actually learnt so much from those three talks that were 30 minutes each. I especially found myself inspired by the nutritionist and mindfulness ladies. We then enjoyed a really peaceful Yoga session before I went off for a massage and everyone got to enjoy the spa facilities. At 8pm we had our delicious dinner and then the lovely DryNites team arranged for a car to take me home seeing as ours had broken.


I was given a lovely tote bag of goodies to take home and P2 also received her own package of goodies. You can see my spa day adventure and unboxing the huge goody box in the video below. This is our second video for the DryNites adventure we are on with P2 so I hope you enjoy that.

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. Oh 24 hours on your own….and sleep…bliss!

  2. Love the look of that. I could do with a day to myself.

  3. Sorry to hear about your car breaking down, I hope you get it back soon! It looks like you had a lovely day though, the spa sounds amazing! x

  4. Cars can be such a nightmare, can’t they! I hope you are not too stressed.

  5. Sorry to hear about your car playing up but the rest of the day sounded dreamy!

  6. Ugh……cars can be such a nightmare at times although i’m pleased to hear you managed to enjoy your day regardless. The spa sounds amazing! xx

  7. The retreat sounds blissful!! Potty training is next on our list, so i’ll be following your dryness journey.

  8. What a really lovely treat for you – I do so love a cheeky hotel stay and spa treats is even better!

  9. Ah, what a nightmare with the car. I’d be so stressed out too! Glad you had a lovely time at the retreat and what a lovely bunch of goodies!!

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