Going To Thorpe Park For The First Time

Each month we are lucky enough to get one weekend child free. When this first started back up again after a short break when my mum had her kidney transplant, we used our weekends to pretty much slob around and do nothing but binge on Netflix. Believe it or not, that can get quite boring after a while and so we’ve started to plan our weekends better.

On our most recent child free weekend we decided to do something extremely different. We headed to Thorpe Park on a day date. I actually felt super nervous about this specific adventure. I get quite bad motion sickness and don’t exactly enjoy rollercoasters. I realise you are probably wondering why I arranged for us to go to Thorpe Park in the first place. I wanted to push my comfort zones.

I have never been to Thorpe Park before. On a Saturday the park opens at 9:30am and we arrived with plenty of time to collect our tickets and wait by the gates. It was such a beautifully hot day already. Hubby had planned his day already using the Thorpe Park app which shows you ride queuing times and a map too. He was desperate to ride the Derren Brown’s Ghost Train but unfortunately it wasn’t open due to technical faults, in fact it ended up opening and shutting throughout our time at the park.

We decided to head to Stealth as our first ride. This ride fires you 205ft high at a speed of 0-80mph in under two seconds. I was petrified. But it was absolutely amazingly terrifying and I got such a thrill from it that it sort of buzzed me to do another big ride. We went on the Swarm, the area around Swarm is brilliantly staged and gives off a chilling atmosphere of destruction. I felt a little wobbly after this ride but we decided to walk back round to ride the Colossus. My gosh that was a big mistake. It rattled me about incredibly and the ten loops really made my motion sickness bad.

Our next ride was SAW which had a queue time of an hour. This allowed my stomach to settle a little bit from the motion sickness but also allowed me time to panic about the actual ride. It has a beyond vertical drop from 100ft high. The start of the ride goes through darkness of the SAW themed ride with several plunges. I came off this ride feeling pretty rough but at the same time I was really proud of myself for actually going on. I think even Hubby was proud of me as he agreed it was scary.

We decided to have some lunch at this point. It was nearly midday and we wanted to avoid the lunchtime rush. There are so many places to eat dotted around the park, from proper restaurant food to quick hot dog snacks. Prices are really reasonable too. We opted for a KFC which tends to be my treat meal if we go out anywhere that has one. I also love that Thorpe Park offer unlimited refill cups that you can buy and top up whenever you need to at the refill stations. These are really good value and brilliant for when you end up in a really long queue.

We spent the rest of our time at Thorpe Park doing some more relaxed rides as we’d done all of the big ones that were open. We missed out a lot of the children suitable rides as the queues were quite big and I think we were mainly there for the thrill of the big rides that we wouldn’t usually be able to go on together at the same time. We also experienced the need to put our bag somewhere when we went on the rides and I loved that the rides had either a staff operated area or a few shelves to put our bags in and collect afterwards. You can also pay for a locker but this is £2 and they eat the money each time you open it so not very useful.

We were not at Thorpe Park for as long as I expected to be actually. We left at abou 1pm. But the time we spent there was just amazing. We had no children to worry about and the whole park was just so clean. I loved the look of the beach area with water slides. The weather was beautiful and I could imagine when we bring our own girlies here, that one of us would be waiting with them here whilst the other rides the bigger rides.

Thorpe Park is definitely suitable for families but you need to check the height restrictions on rides, but I actually think it’s a super idea for a date with your Hubby where you can just be young and wild again. Tickets are quite reasonable for a day ticket and there’s also the option to stay onsite in their cool looking Shark Hotel. I created a little vlog of our day at Thorpe Park, although I really wish I had a GoPro to get my point of view captured on the rides. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

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  1. I understand why you haven’t taken the girls on your trip. There’s not really much for P2 and P3. Maybe P1 would be tall enough for most of the rides as a lot require you to be 1.4m which is the average height for 8 year olds.

    • P1 and P2 are roughly the same height. Unfortunately P1 is terrified of rollercoasters and panics in unknown situations.

  2. We loved Thorpe park when we went but our kids are defo too young for it at the mo x

  3. I’ve never been but then again it’s not around the corner.
    I used to like rollercoaster when I was younger but not so sure now.

  4. My husband is terrified of rollercoaster, I’ve not been in years! I’d love to go on Collosus it looks awesome. It was closed when I went! The water rides are my favourite

  5. My husband and I have also day-dated here too! It’s the best place to be a little crazy again I think haha xx

  6. Me and hubby did the same one year too, we had a great time together!

  7. I have never been here before either! I don’t live far from it now, but growing up in Yorkshire, Alton Towers was always where we went instead

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