Golden Bear Sleep Tight All Night Iggle Piggle Review

It’s no secret that we have one child that really struggles with sleep. P2 will be four years old in February and I think I can probably count the amount of times she’s ever slept through on my fingers and toes. It has come to light that it’s actually just us that she doesn’t sleep for, she’s fine with my Mum every month.

It feels like we have tried everything. Ultimately, I honestly think the key to success would be for her not to share a room with her two sisters and for me to be able to be strong when she demands milk. That would probably be the trick but for now, she shares a room with her sisters and I’m all for an easy life. Golden Bear wanted to assist my sleep dramas and see if they could help. We were sent the Sleep Tight All Night Iggle Piggle to try out.


So the Sleep Tight All Night comes in four different designs; Iggle Piggle, Unicorn, Teddy and Puppy. It’s a 4 in 1 product that has been specifically designed to help teach children when it is time to sleep and when it is time to wake up. Inside the box it comes with the soft toy and a unit that goes inside which lights up and also plays music specific to the time of the day. The sleep aid module has 5 parental controls; the on and off button, 2 different volumes, day and night and the really useful lock, the button for picking the sounds and the timer button.


The sleep aid module has a sleep mode timer which can be set for up to 12 hours. It counts down to the time you would want the child to wake up. For example if they go to bed at 7pm and you want them to wake at 6am then it would be 11 hours on the sleep timer. You have to manually set this each night which can be a bit of a pain but it enables you to sit with your child and let them choose which of the five soothing sounds they’d like for that night. P2 has discovered a favourite which will help to set the routine and that’s the heart beat sound. The other choices are raindrops, surf noise, waterfall and crickets. I personally think the heart beat is the most calming and relaxing and can completely see why she picks that one each night.


The sleep aid module has a glowing light which has two different colours; red to indicate that the child needs to stay in bed and green for when it’s ok to get up. The four different uses for the Sleep Tight All Night Iggle Piggle are as follows:

  1. At bedtime set the Module to sleep mode whether that’s nap or night time. The module will play the specified song along with the glowing red light which shows just enough through the toys tummy to keep them comforted and help them to fall asleep quicker.
  2. During the night when your child wakes up all they need to do is gently squeeze the tummy and it will begin to play the music again whilst glowing the red light. Red light has been scientifically proven to be less disruptive to the bodies natural body clock and production of melatonin.
  3. Wake up time is when the sleep timer runs out and the light will then turn green.
  4. When switched to the day mode the toy will play fun character phrases relating to the toy that you have. Our one plays really cute Iggle Piggle noises.


So has it really helped our sleep? To be honest, she’s still waking in the night. We’ve been using it for about a week now. I can see a real difference in bedtime though as she falls asleep much quicker. I think she is quite lazy during the night and perhaps doesn’t reach him herself, I have to physically get it for her to calm herself back to sleep. I think this would be a really brilliant sleep aid if used from an earlier age and introduced much earlier as part of a routine.

The Sleep Tight All Night toys cost around £30 however the Iggle Piggle version is slightly more expensive. He is super soft and makes a brilliant friend for a child! Don’t forget to check out the Tots100 YouTube channel for a really useful video on how the Sleep Tight All Night works.

If you fancy winning your own Sleep Tight All Night toy then please enter the Rafflecopter below. Make sure to enter each part for extra entries!! It’s open until the end of this month.

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Value For Money


A really cute sleep aid for troublesome sleepers.

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  1. I would pick teddy – it would fit perfectly with my sons other teddies 🙂

  2. i would chose the unicorn as my little girl loves everything princess

  3. The Unicorn I think, Hard choice to make, love them all

  4. The unicorn for my niece! She loves unicorns lately 🙂

  5. Definitely Iggle Piggle (or as my daughter says “piggle piggle” lol!) As he is one of my little girls favourites and I know she would love him! Fingers crossed xx

  6. Iggle Piggle

  7. Oh bless this looks cute, my kids have both lost interest in the night garden now though.

  8. Iggle piggle 🙂 xxx

  9. Iggle Piggle

  10. The Unicorn for my baby who’s due in Feb 🙂 it’s so cute!

  11. The unicorn as I know a little girl who would love this for Xmas

  12. Iggle Piggle as my son loves his character

  13. Iggle thats who my godson loves

  14. A Unicorn as my daughter is crazy about them lately x

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