Good Friday

I’ve been spending a lot of my P1-free days in my jammies and I thought it was about time to actually do something so I went to visit my MiL yesterday in Kent.

I had such a lovely chilled day with her, my OHs Nan and Brother. Oh and of course P2. I’m definitely going to visit during the week more often.

Last night P2 didn’t sleep too well. Completely my fault yet again as I was determined to have her sleep in her Moses basket. I put her down to sleep at about 10:30pm, she then woke up at about 2am. I got up and got myself a drink and a KitKat and read some blogs whilst I fed (instead of the usual, falling asleep), then put her down in her Moses. She then woke at 4am! This is quite unlike her, she usually wakes around 2am and then not until 6am.

When I snuggled her down next to me for a feed her little hands were freezing cold. She soon fell asleep and I just didn’t have the heart to move her. She then woke at 6 like normal.

P2 always has an hour in the morning where she’s so happy and smiley and the goes back to sleep for a few hours. This is usually between 6-7, an hour before my OHs alarm goes off. Typical!

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