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Caught your attention for a Friday morning?!

At school, being a girl who preferred the company of boys over girls, meant that porn was the topic of conversation for most lunch times. It disgusted me, the way they put these women on a pedestal and expected us “normal” girls to be exactly like that. Most of the boys probably hadn’t even had sex as they watched fake versions of sex and probably became disappointed when they did and we didn’t live up to their expectations. We didn’t have big boobs, perfect makeup, sexy underwear, neat lady bits and less fat that a rasher of bacon!

I recently read an article on the BBC website about teaching about pornography as part of sex education. Do I like the idea of my daughters being shown pornography at the age of 14? No. But I do believe that changes need to be made in the way our children are taught about life.

My sex ed was pretty basic… A cartoon man and woman on a DVD (maybe VHS) talking about growing hair, starting your period and developing boobies (not just the girls). We had a brief discussion about how to put a condom on a banana during secondary school but nowhere and nobody taught about sex!

What it feels like? How to do it? What to expect? That’s why I think boys and girls turn to porn. For guidance, for showing what it’s really like and what to expect. In reality, who actually has a sex life like that?! I don’t. Being a mother means I have little energy, the most I can manage is occasionally putting some nice underwear on!

I know a lot of parents may disagree with me but I think children should learn more about sex. Be able to discuss things with their parents openly without feel embarrassed. Maybe that way, we could prevent teenage pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted infections/diseases. Children would grow up knowing all the risks a lot better than I was taught anyway!

Children turn to the Internet because that’s the only place they can get honest answers… and even they aren’t 100% honest!

I know for a fact I’ll be teaching my girls about everything to do with sex and growing up. I want them to feel they can talk to me about absolutely anything. Just like I have that relationship with my mum!

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