“Goodbye paid employment. Hello slavery!”

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In this day and age, finding and keeping a paid job is difficult. There’s many unemployed, benefit claiming people in the world. So why have I just handed in my resignation to a job I’ve been so lucky to obtain and keep for the past four years??

Yup! I’m unemployed. Officially. Today, my boss accepted my resignation. I remember many conversations with my hubby when we found out we were having P2. He desperately wanted me to give up work and I desperately didn’t want to!

We sat and worked out the pros and cons of it. In reality the cost of childcare if I stayed at work was what weighed the decision, what persuaded me in a way. We’d be £50 better off if I went to work… Just £50!!! Which makes it very clear why there are so many unemployed parents.

My hubby has secured himself a permanent job. He’s been a contractor for a very long time. But this job marks the start of our future. It’s allowed me the opportunity to be a stay at home mum and do you know what… I’m terrified!

When I was on maternity leave, yesterday and the past 10months, everything felt different. We had my job to fall back on if we needed to although even when contracting, my hubby could support us. But it was that security. Now, well now I’m a stay at home mum.

I’ve been very scared about this stage of my life. Whether I can fully cope with being a full time parent and a full time house maid. Whether I can manage laundry, tidying, helping P2 to grow, helping P1 to blossom, shopping and cooking. Will I still get “me time” or will it always be “couple time”. They are just some of the things going through my mind right now.

It sounds like it’s something I don’t want, something my hubby has persuaded me into, but it isn’t!! It really isn’t. Maybe it was at first, but the idea of being at home has grown on me since being on maternity leave. I am coping. I am happy being at home and doing my own thing. No worrying about being late for work, being tired at work, impressing people.

I’m dependent on my hubby now. I know it’s putting a lot of stress on him but I do believe deep down he loves the position he’s in! He’s the daddy Lion of his own little pride. Well… I hope he feels that way anyway as I know I’m not the easiest of people to work with.

Goodbye paid employment. Hello slavery!!!

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  1. Sadly there’s no incentives to stay at home other than just wanting to be a parent. Government helps people wanting to work but takes away from those that want to e a stay at home mum one which is one if the hardest jobs! x

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