Google Home UK Launch Party

Last week Hubby and I hopped on a train and headed to London. I get nervous for every blog event I attend but this one was on a whole new level of nerves. We were heading off for a dinner arranged with Google. I sensed it was going to be a big event as other bloggers announced their attendances and this made me feel even more anxious. I didn’t know what to wear, what it was going to be like and why I was even being invited. 

It turns out I really had nothing to worry about. We grabbed a Uber from the train station to the venue right near Tower Bridge. It was rush hour but we arrived just a few minutes after the set time. A red door greeted us with a big G symbol knocker. The doorman told us to knock and someone would answer. I now realise this was all part of the effect. 

The decor inside the Ugly Duck was just breathtaking. It gave off a cool, old yet modern vibe to me. I nervously clung to Hubby’s hand as we climbed two flights of stairs to a large hall that was set out for dinner. There was lots of people there. I quickly recognised Sarah from This Mama Life, Aby for You Baby Me Mummy and Alison Perry from Not Another Mummy Blog. I was especially excited to see Sarah as I’m a bit of a YouTube/blog fan girl.

We had a chance to chat, then we were all ushered to our seats at the dinner tables to begin our meal. The dinner was a three course meal. I loved that they brought everything out on to the tables and let us all help ourselves to bits that we fancied. It was laid back yet felt super posh too. It was loud with a room full of chatting and laughter but it was lovely.

Whilst we ate we were introduced to a brand new Google product, the Google Home. This dinner was a launch party and it all became clear. In fact the Google Home had been kept top-secret up until that very morning. We were all among the first people to get a look at it. That felt exciting and was definitely up my tech-husband’s street. 

Google Home is a voice control assistant for the home. It’s designed to help make your life easier inside the home by not only connecting to your phone but also various technology products like your light bulbs, thermostat and chromecast. After our food we headed downstairs to the demo rooms. These included a fake bedroom, lounge and kitchen plus a games room. Inside the Google people showcased Google Home.

I was mind blown by the whole experience. I am so glad I got to be at the launch party for a Google Home. I’m so glad that I plucked up the courage to speak to people I have never met before. Hubby and I had a brilliant time! We’ve been invited to the Google Offices in London to get a closer more personal look at the Google Home and also take one home to review so please watch out for that.

All I can say is that Google know how to throw a fantastic launch party!

Disclosure: We were invited to the event. This post is my own account of our evening.

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  1. Wow this sounds like a swish event and I love the sound of google home!

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