Grandparents Are The Bomb

My Grandparents are without a doubt the most amazing people in my life. They’ve always been there to support, guide, tell me off, bail me out with money issues in the past, feed me, teach me and most of love me no matter how smelly my attitude was as a child.

My Grandparents babysit P1 every Tuesday and Thursday – when I first started work they had her three times a week. This has been the routine since P1 was 10months old. It was initially to help with childcare costs, as at that point I’d also just moved into a flat. Now that my money is stable (before maternity leave) I’ve offered countless number of times to reduce to just one day a week, but the truth is they love having her. It keeps them feeling young and apparently she’s great company.

We had a lovely roast beef dinner round my Grandparents yesterday. I’d realised that P1 hadn’t seen them since last Saturday.

I looked at them yesterday, the way they interact with P1, the way they care and unfortunately the way I suddenly saw them as old people. Sometimes it’s very easy to forget that my Grandad turns 82 this year but we always have the reminder from my Nan who is in her late 70s (Never tell a ladies age!)

For a very long time my Nan’s health has deteriorated. She’s had a stroke, heart attacks, pneumonia, sciatica and kidney failure. She now is only living off a small percentage of her heart, she’s on a pharmacy amount of medication, she has home dialysis and she frequently uses a wheelchair when outside.

Yesterday, I kept looking at her realising just how fragile she is now, she’s beginning to really look frail (sorry Nan!). She’s always been the kind of woman to have her hair done at all times – yesterday I noticed she has started to go very grey. She now has to take frequent rest stops when walking between rooms in her house. She slurs her words, she has a hearing aid and she’s just generally a worry to me!

Underneath something awful happening to my girls, my next biggest fear is losing my Grandparents from my life. They’ve been a ridiculously large part of my life – all my memories relate to them in some way. Especially holidays as a child to the farm in Somerset, the house in Scotland, the ferry trip to France.

Bit of a sad post for a Monday morning. Are your Grandparents a huge part of your life? Do you wish they were?

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