Green Pomelo – Minky Baby Pink Cloth Nappy Review

So there’s a positive line on the pregnancy test. You’re having a baby! Now it’s time to start getting excited and buying lots of bits for your new arrival. I bet the majority of you naturally thought about all the nappies you’d have to stock up on.

The first ever disposable nappy was invented in 1948. A baby will use on average around 6,000 nappies the duration of their nappy wearing days. Costing around £7 per pack of 27 nappies… Well I’m no good at maths but that’s a lot of money that is going in the bin, literally! When you think of the environmental side of things, it takes one nappy somewhere between 250-500 years to completely decompose – crazy! However, they have their positive points for parents, well of course they do or they wouldn’t be doing so well today; they are very compact and fit discreetly under clothing, they stay put, they absorb with little leaks, and they wrap up and can go straight in the bin.

Before the handy little invention of the disposable nappy, our mums/grandparents/ancestors used to wrap their bundles in cloth, with a safety pin and a plastic covering. They’d soak their used nappies in a bucket with a detergent for a day or so, and then hang them up to dry on the washing line. To me that sounds inconvenient and a waste of time when I could simply change my daughters’ bottoms in a minute and that be it, it goes out for the bin man to collect once a week.

Recently, as you all know, I’ve been very lucky to review some products that are relevant to my blog, so I thought I would test my luck and contact a cloth nappy company to see if I could review one and maybe I’d change my view and convert as I know that starting up a good nappy set is quite expensive out right, but saves in the long run. I was quite surprised when Su from Green Pomelo responded to my request and sent me a cloth nappy to review.


The Minky Baby Pink Nappy joined our family on Saturday. I was actually literally stupidly ecstatic about a nappy! Within a few minutes it had made its way into the washing machine for its pre-wash – this helps with absorbency just like buying a new towel.


This particular nappy features poppers to adjust the size of the nappy – one size fits all. The leg openings are elasticated which helps prevent leaks in a wiggly baby. The nappy is made from a breathable waterproof PUL outer layer and a hydro-allergenic microfibre fabric that is very soft for baby’s skin. It has a pocket to slip the insert inside (the nappy came with two inserts), this is made from microfibre layers which is extra absorbent.

Once it was dry and ready for use it was fitted to P2 and ready for testing. I felt really nervous, surely it must leak?! When P2 wears the nappy it is rather bulky, but it’s just absolutely adorable and much more fashionable than the bog standard white disposable. But I definitely think the main feature to this nappy is that it’s not going to end up on a landfill. Ok yes, it’s going to use power to wash, even some air pollution if I choose to tumble dry them and of course take longer to change her nappy. But when you look at the bigger picture, it’s definitely worth the £200 (ish) start up price for enough nappies to last the duration.

I had one nappy to review, so washing was quite simple. But meant I had to wait for ages before I got a dirty tester as P2 only does her dirties every other day. I have to admit that we did have one leak, but I think this was my fault as the nappy was used for a longer period of time without the booster inside. The nappy held up excellently with a dirty nappy though and the rest of the times she wore it, everything washed out perfectly too and left the nappy looking brand spanking new. Perfect.

Will I be converting I hear you ask? YES! I most definitely am. I’m extremely happy with Green Pomelo and they have a lovely array of colours just perfect for us. I’ve become absolutely obsessed with everything reusable since receiving our first cloth nappy. I feel all proud of myself every time I change P2s bum, I’m helping the environment!!!

(This product was sent to me free of charge to review on my blog by Green Pomelo, the opinions are of my own)

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