Green Sheep Baby Twist Natural Latex Cot Bed Mattress Review

Nearly a year ago P2 abandoned her cotbed and made the transition to a mattress on the floor. That sounds so awful and she’s still there but it has prevented her falling out of the bed which is great. Since then the cot has been a dumping ground, in fact it was stacked higher than me of bin bags with cuddly toys and clothes.

We decided to empty it out once and for all ready to transition P3 from her SnuzPod to the cot. She’s getting so big now and is able to push herself to the end of the SnuzPod each night so the time has been fast approaching.

The cot was surprisingly cleared very quick. I put our brand new mattress from Green Sheep Baby with mattress protector in the cotbed, gave her a fresh sheet and let her play during the afternoon. She seemed so content and happy. So when bedtime came, I decided to see how she’d get on with it.

Excuse the quality of that photo, but as you can see, she was perfectly comfortable and content on the firm side of mattress designed for 0-18 months (the other side is for 18months+ and much softer). I however, sat balling my eyes out as she snored away!

I suddenely realised I just wasn’t ready for her to bed in the cotbed yet. It felt like I was rushing her to grow up and leave the safety of the SnuzPod where she’s close enough to touch and listen to. We’ve only just started putting her to bed in the evenings!


The Twist Natural Latex Cot Bed Mattress is designed to be suitable from 0-7 years without the need to be turned. It’s even naturally fire retardant and no nasty chemicals are used, it’s also anti-dust mite. It coss £159 but is totally worth it as the quality and duration of use is fantastic!

So, P3 did end up back in her SnuzPod as mummy isn’t ready for that change just yet. But I’m very excited to have Green Sheep Baby still by our side to help us with our sleep.



Value for money

Naturally safe and comfortable mattress. High quality

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    Bless you – keep her as long as you can.

    Lizzie Dripping

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