Groggy Summers Day

I really hate storms. Call me childish, but they are scary. I don’t know why or where my feeling of nervousness comes from. The moment I heard the very loud, very angry grumble of thunder I immediately snuggled up to my OH. He slept through the first few hours of the storm!

We seem to have finally cracked P2s awful sleeping habits. I won’t hold my breath, but we’ve had a few nights where she’s not needed a midnight feed she’s literally just needed her dummy. Last night, before the storm, she was wide awake chatting in her cot at around 1am!!! Happy.

But then the storm started and she had a very unsettled night in our bed – of course! Eventually, my OH was disturbed by the noise and we agreed to go get P1 as she was probably scared too. So we had both girls in our bed from about 6am this morning thanks to the weather.
20130723-103903 PM.jpg
Although a very groggy, sticky and hot day, it’s been very productive. P2 and I went to Baby Yoga where she stayed awake the whole time! Then we went off to have my wedding makeup trial, I was so proud of P2 as she was awake for the last half of it quite happy in her pram. We then went off to have my wedding hair trial – P2 was a little niggly there but eventually fell asleep in my arms. Both hair and makeup were fantastic so that’s another thing off my wedding list.

Over all, a pretty lovely day had here.

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