It sounds like a dinosaur or something!

I have Group B Strep. Which is a bacteria infection that lives happily without causing any harm or symptoms in my lady bits. great!

When I say it causes no harm I’d be lying. When labour starts and more importantly my waters break it could cause life threatening circumstances to me or P2. I have a big orange sticker on my maternity notes. They found out about the strep B when I was first admitted to hospital at 24weeks in my pregnancy due to pains. I had a lovely little swab which has potentially saved P2s life!

I still do not understand how I didn’t have it with P1 – but magically have it now?!

I’ll be given antibiotics during my labour through a cannula. I have my heart set on a water labour/birth if I make it to 37weeks and I was gutted at the thought of not being able to have that because of a cannula.

So I discussed this with my midwife the last time I saw her… And yay! As long as I keep my hand/arm dry she couldn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be allowed a water labour/birth. Which is very exciting.

On another note – I’ve had a really good Sunday.We’ll soon be tucking into jacket potatoes, tuna & sweet corn mayo and cheese. YUM!

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  1. I had it but didn’t know till after my baby was born as whilst a swab was taken my labour was quicker than the results coming back. Very very scary to find out afterwards better to know so you can have antibiotics x

  2. I too had this condition, and was gobsmacked to find that i had it. I had to have an elective section anyway due to other complications however its scary to think this condition is not tested for anyway!

  3. I am no expert but I think Strep B is nothing to worry about now that the docots know about it for you.

  4. Looks like your daughter is having a good day.

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