Growing In Energy

As P2 is growing, her energy and need for entertainment is increasing. I can really tell she’s going to be a little monster as she grows up!

We cannot leave her, not even for 5 minutes to play on her mat. That just isn’t enough for her. She has to be either bouncing in her jumperoo, eating something in her highchair or bumbo, or in someone’s arms, someone being me mainly!

It’s exhausting and I’m exhausted. I’m not sure whether it’s because Aunt Flow has joined me this week, whether it’s the extreme unsettled nights we’ve been having with P2 or if it’s all the demand I’m getting. I’m sure normal mummies and daddies spend the day drinking coffee or tea, but I don’t like hot drinks so I’ve just been plodding about the house recently. Not doing a lot other than entertaining the girls. Housework has been slack… Ridiculously.

I think it’s finally hitting me how having two children can be quite tough. P2 just wants to be joining in with everything and unfortunately she can’t. I cannot wait for crawling!!

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