Grown Up Time: Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Before children came into my life, I remember a few special occasions where I would treat myself, friends or even family to a relaxation session at our local spa. Or making a weekend of it with my partner and staying in a posh spa retreat – facials, body massages, hot tubs, the smell of the warm wood in the sauna – the sounds of gentle pipe music, bubbling water features and lowly lit candles…absolute heaven!

Now, as a parent I’m lucky to get a bath all to myself! Not that I’m complaining of course – but it would be nice to slip away into that spa retreat and come back fully refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for anything the kids might throw at me!

So, if those days are long gone – or very few and far between – then why not try to recreate the same experience at home? Here you’ll find some ideas of how to turn your bathroom into your very own piece of heaven.

Your walls

In a spa, less is more. This is supposedly due to help relax the mind and help remove the “clutter of the mind” and help you relax. So, if you have the budget, consider getting rid of those busy bathroom tiles – and consider updating them. Check out this bathrooms retailer for some new tiles. Also, forget your striking white tiles or bright blue schemes – consider more Earthy tones, something neutral, calming and gentle. Beiges, pale greens – you get the idea.

Have a clear out

As mentioned before, spas tend to go for a minimalist feel, to help create a relaxing environment. You don’t often see half empty bottles of bubble bath, your razor or a few rubber ducks sitting on the side of the pool in the spa, do you? So, apply the same rules to your bathroom. Of course, with a busy household it’s better to have everything to hand and easy to access – especially on those busy weekday mornings!

So why not get a couple of storage baskets, fill them with your bathroom clutter and store them under the sink? Floating shelves are also a good idea. Or if push comes to shove, put everything in a basket and place this outside the room until you’re ready to come out again! Out of sight: out of mind.


Lighting in your bathroom is usually very bright and sometimes even a bit sterile. Certainly not something you’d get in a spa – in the changing rooms perhaps – but never in a treatment room or in a steam room.

Installing dimmer lights would be an excellent choice here, but not everyone has the budget or the time to find an electrician to take a look at it for you. The other option? Candles.

Whether they’re scented or coloured, tall pillar candles or simple tea lights in a simplistic tea light holder – lighting candles instantly changes the mood of a room into something much more relaxed, and calm. Exactly what you need to create that spa feeling.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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