The Gruffalo River Ride At Chessington World Of Adventures

You may have noticed on certain packs of Cadbury Chocolate that Cadbury have teamed up with Merlin Entertainments to offer one free ticket for every full priced adult ticket purchased to over 20 top attractions. Personally Cadbury is my favourite chocolate brand so what better way to enjoy that than a family day out for a much cheaper cost.

We got to head to Chessington World Of Adventures. The weather was finally warmer than it has been and the girls were really excited. We got to experience Chessington for Halloween two years ago and have wanted to go back ever since. It’s not too far away from us either, about 40 minutes in the car. 

As you are probably aware, the Gruffalo has made his way into Chessington. There’s a brand new ride called The Gruffalo River Ride. We decided to head there first as it’s a ride suitable for all of us to go on. The new Gruffalo ride has replaced the well-loved The Bubbleworks. It is a dark river ride where you sit in a circular boat and travel down a river. The Gruffalo River Ride goes through each part of the well-loved Gruffalo story. 

The girls were a little bit nervous of this ride. It was dark and a little bit creepy. As an adult though I could really appreciate the effort put into each section of the ride. It had animated screens, moving statues and the story played you through the ride. Each section had a different scent to it which made you really feel part of the story. We ended up going on the ride twice. I do think it was a little dark and creepy for young children but fun all the same. And let’s be honest, the Gruffalo story isn’t exactly a cute fairy tale story is it?!

We moved on to the rest of the park. Hubby downloaded the brilliant Chessington app which actually tracks your location so that you can pin point exactly where you are in relation to rides or places you want to see whilst in the park. This made our day super straight forward because we could plan our next ride whilst waiting in the queue.

I get quite bad motion sickness but P2, being the thrill seeker she is, kept wanting me to go on rides with her. There’s a moment in my video below where she shouts “Mummy is a scaredy cat!” which really sums up my experience of some of the rides she forced me on. P3 was a little small to go on some of the rides much to her dismay but there is plenty for little toddlers to explore and see anyway. She just wanted to be like her big sisters.

There are many different shows and activities going on during the entire day at Chessington but our favourite was when we got the chance to meet the Gruffalo himself. We sat in The Gruffalo Arena, P1 and P2 really got involved in the shouting which woke P3 up from her nap just in time to meet the Gruffalo. I love that the staff are all really enthusiastic and fun.

Through all the fun we were having, we had actually forgotten to have a proper lunch. I had packed snacks which we were munching on but we decided to eat outside and enjoy some takeaway food. P3 was in such a cheeky mood and as we are in the middle of potty training at the moment, we spent a lot of time going to and from the toilet because she enjoyed it so much.

There was moments of the day when Hubby did a few big rides on his own, we swapped and I did some bravely too. I was especially proud of P1 who actually did pretty much all of the rides we asked her to. She usually has a panic attack and cries about them. I was so shocked at her reactions whilst at Chessington. Their favourite rides were the Flying Jumbos and the Tomb Blaster rides. I filmed our day below which shows you a better view of our day.

We were so lucky to have good weather and the girls behaved so well. It was a lovely day out. Don’t forget you can pick up your own free tickets by purchasing special promotional packs of Cadbury chocolate and of course paying for a full adult ticket at over 20 Merlin attractions.

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