The perfect board game for Christmas – by TopKidsToys

With Christmas fast approaching I guess reluctantly it’s time to start thinking of what we’ll be buying our children. TopKidsToys have kindly written a post about what board game they think should make its way into your stockings!!


The Perfect Board Game for Christmas


In an age dominated by the modern era of technology, simple yet addictive games can be hard to come by. Games that rely on a simple idea yet can still provide hours of entertainment as well as develop young minds.


It is generally recommended for children to be exposed to a wide variety of toys & games as they grow, and if you’re looking for a classic, unassuming game that doesn’t need batteries or a mains outlet, then try Quarto!


Quarto, much like Chess, is a board game for two players. However unlike the aforementioned game, Quarto is extremely easy to learn because the idea behind it is so simple. Yet just like any classic game, the more you play, the better you become as you start to develop better strategies and manoeuvres.


So how do you play?


The game is played on a board with 16 spaces – four rows of four. 16 pieces are placed around the outside of the board. Each piece has 4 defining characteristics – they are either white or black, they are either short or tall, they are either square or circular and finally they have either a flat top or a hole in the top.


Each player takes turns to place a piece on the board. The winner is the first player to make a straight line of four pieces that share any 1 of the 4 characteristics. (e.g. a line of all square pieces)


The catch, however, is that each time you take your go, it is the opposing player that chooses which piece you get to place onto the board.


So of course the idea of the game is to avoid choosing a piece for your opponent that would allow them to make a line of four pieces that shares a characteristic. Something that gets increasingly difficult as the board begins to fill up!


Who is it for?


Quarto is a great game for both adults and children from 5 years upwards. Whilst younger children may not be ready to master many of the strategies that older children will soon pick up, the incredibly simple idea behind the game means almost anyone can play.


Not only does Quarto provide hours of quality, old fashioned entertainment, it is perfect for cognitive development as children exercise their brains trying to outwit their opponent and win the game. Players will develop and fine tune their tactical play as they start thinking 2 plays ahead and beyond, and before you know it they’ll be giving you a run for your money.


Because Quarto is so easy to play right from the beginning, children won’ t be discouraged and are able to have fun right from the outset, making Quarto an exceptional board game with the potential of earning itself the status of an all time classic.


A perfect family fun board game for Christmas, Quarto is available from online retailers such as Amazon.


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