Gym Session Or Relax Session?!

Since our weekend away I’m happier, I think my OH is happier and our lives together is a lot more calmer.

On Monday night we enjoyed another baby-free evening together. I always love being on my own with my OH because it reminds me that we are still “normal” people deep down. We still have a relationship that the fire burns so brightly.

Monday, we went to the gym… Mehhhh. But I actually felt so motivated to go and workout. We joined my OHs best mate, but unfortunately the gym was extremely busy and so we all decided just to lounge around in the spa/pool area.

This was my first ever time swimming alone with my OH. He went up to Lakeside and bought me a beautiful bikini from Ann Summers. Which makes my ginormous milk filled boobies look amazing! And we both had a thoroughly enjoyable evening in the warm water, chatting and joking around. Like normal 20/23year olds do when they are in love.

Relaxing in the gym didn’t really help with my need to get rid of this flabby belly… Especially when we had KFC afterwards.

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