Gymboree Sevenoaks 15 Months On

It has been fifteen months since I first went to Gymboree and wrote our review of the venue hereI thought it was about time that I updated everybody on that part of our lives now that P2 and P3 are both much older. Right at the beginning of our Gymboree journey P2 was just over two years old and P3 was eight months. We attended the family session religiously.


The family session is designed for parents/carers who have children of different ages so that they can all join in together. Then when we weren’t at our usual lesson, you could probably find us at the Open Gym Session which runs every day except Thursdays (and Sundays), and funny enough Thursday was our lesson. So we were at Gymboree every week day. P2 grew in her confidence and we literally saw her change before our eyes. P3 was barely sitting when we began and she learned to crawl and climb all before she was a year old.


It’s now been fifteen months since our once timid P2 first went to a family session at Gymboree. Over this time P2 started nursery and going to Gymboree began to get a little difficult. She was exhausted on her nursery days and so we stopped attending as often. Our car then broke down and life really got in the way. We went to a few open gyms as and when we could. But finally we have managed to return to Gymboree, only our journey is now very different.


I now have four mornings a week where there’s just P3 and me. So I decided to sign her up for some age appropriate sessions at Gymboree that are tailored for her. We have been back a month now and for me it doesn’t feel like I’ve left. The staff are always so bright and welcoming and to be honest they all feel like friends now. The girls adore them, one in particular has caught the love of all three of my girls, especially P2 and she will know who I’m talking about when she reads this.


She is nearly the same age as P2 was when we started a year ago and is behaving exactly the same too, where she is very nervous in the structured parts of the Gymboree lesson. Gymboree lessons last 45 minutes and are spread out into different sections throughout the lesson. Every two weeks the apparatus changes around to reflect a certain theme for those weeks. Then in the last 15 minutes of the lesson there is parachute time, bubbles, singing and dancing.


P3 is still getting back in the swing of things after attending so many Open Gyms where she can do whatever she likes (when all these photos were taken). I am really excited to watch her independence grow and her confidence just like P2s did. P2 still gets to go to Gymboree as it is suitable for up to age 5. She loves attending the Open Gyms because she gets to play with her “best friend Avril” there.

I absolutely love Gymboree. I love the way it is kept to high standards hygiene wise, I love that the staff are so incredibly friendly, I love that the girls get to wear off steam whilst learning to follow instructions and have fun in a safe environment. I can see many years ahead of us left and it really helps that the venue is within walking distance from us at the moment too!

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