“It has been two years since I last had my hair cut”

It has been two years since I last had my hair cut. Where we bleach it at home my hair is completely out of condition. I have split ends a plenty and I’m just so unhappy. It’s long, I like the length funny enough, but it’s nowhere near kept and tidy. My hair actually makes me feel quite self conscious and childish because it’s in such bad condition and just hangs there in a mess.


Everyone is having their hair cut/coloured ahead of the wedding at the weekend and I was getting increasingly panicky about my mop. I’ve lost some weight, got a new dress and am finally feeling nearly ok with my appearance except my hair. So I managed to get an appointment at the local hairdressers.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. On one hand I wanted a complete overhaul, to feel sexy and confident. But on the other hand, I like my hair long and hubby loves my hair long. So I opted to ask for just a trim and tidy up. I felt a little nervous. I always do when going in the hairdresser. I’m shy and they talk so much don’t they?

I walked down with P3 who was well overdue her morning nap. I discussed my need and had my hair washed. She even gave me a head massage! The lady then got to work on my hair. She was lovely and easy to talk to. P3 was awake in the Doona the whole entire time, completely content and not crying once.

after hair

What do you think? Not much of a difference but it does feel smoother and thinner. Tidier. Which is what I wanted. I think I’ll be brave next time, in two years time, and opt for a bit more of a change. Shorter layers maybe and to have my hair coloured professionally. Oh yeah, that’s the next thing I need to do before the wedding.

When I got home I realised that P1 has only had a haircut once in her life and thought that a wedding would be a fantastic excuse to treat her to a little trim too. Again, she only needed a trim but I also got them to wash it too to save me the trouble. She was good as gold which was very different to the first time she had it cut.

I really should have my hair cut more often because it really lifted my mood and relaxed me. Even with P3 by my side. I felt very grown up and womanly.

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I love having a head massage at the hairdressers. I can see the difference – it looks less fluffy, if that makes any sense.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. It looks fab!…..In so much better condition now. Yes you should do it more often….Treat yourself 🙂

  3. It looks lovely. Going to the hairdressers lifts my mood too. You should definitely do it more, even just for a tidy up 🙂 x

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