“Half way through the film hubby came up with pizza”

Today was a good day… Apart from the morning and bedtime. But hey ho!

We went back to Essex to visit Hubby’s family. It was a mad rush in the morning to get everything ready and rather stressful which didn’t help when P1 was really trying us both!

But when we got there we really enjoyed ourselves. All four of us. In a restaurant with no shouting, no crying and no stress. Ok, P1 didn’t exactly do well on her mains course, but that’s probably because she ate most of my starters. She waffled down her icecream with no trouble. P2 found icecream a very funny food. Her face was hilarious!
20131013-100823 pm.jpg
P1 behaved immaculately, so as a treat to reward her for her good behaviour I made her a little den under her bed. It consisted of our duvet and all our pillows, P1s pillows and duvet and an extra blanket.
20131013-100831 pm.jpg
P1, P2 and I watched The Golden Compass. I say P2 but she was asleep in the middle of us within about 5minutes. Half way through the film hubby came up with pizza! A complete, and very welcome, surprise.

It was a lovely girly evening……….. Until bedtime. That P1 really knows how to ruin a night and what a brilliant one it was too! We had tears at bedtime. Disobedience at bedtime. Stress at bedtime. Huff!

I’m hoping all this is a phase. Some sort of transitioning into school phase…

The nap P2 had for the duration of the film, which ended at 8pm, meant hubby and I haven’t had any alone time tonight. Which I know he’s annoyed about… But I enjoyed my girly time, especially as the movie only cost me £1 from Poundland when I went to get change for a carpark the other day!

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