Half Way

It’s the 1st of the 6th month in 2013 and I thought I would reflect on the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year.

My 13 Goals for 2013:

1) Become a mother of two I had no choice in this one really, and I’m so happy and proud of my girls.

2) Conquer breastfeeding I’m pleased to inform that so far I’ve had no serious issues with breast feeding. P2 is growing, feeding and my boobs are leaking – perfect.

3) Join a gym To date, I haven’t joined a gym. I can’t see myself ever having time for it but I’ve started doing some lounge exercise with a DVD workout.

4) Eat healthier

5) Keep motivated in my domestic tasks I’ve got a little lax again, but it is still getting done.

6) Keep my finances in order Finding the time to sit and enter my spreadsheets has been a struggle. All I know is that I haven’t gone in the minuses.

7) Move house

8) Keep Blogging and Vlogging I gave up my YouTube channel when P2 was born. It was such a hassle finding the energy to film, plus then editing them.

9) Change my attitude

10) Take time out for my OH We’ve had a total of two times alone since the birth of P2. Hopefully now P2 feeds less we’ll get some more times by the end of the year.

11) Take time out for me I’ve had one time just for myself out of the house, my MiL looked after the girls and I had my hair done. I had a relaxing bath too which my OH joined me in the bathroom for a chat and both girls were downstairs with my Mum.

12) Become more social I’ve seen my friend and her baby twice. I’ve also attended a breast feeding support group once. My socialising happens online.

13) Return to work a new improved employee I won’t be returning to work in 2013. We have decided to extend my maternity leave to the full entitlement, which takes me to December, and then use my accrued annual leave. Return date: 2nd Jan.

So I’m not doing too badly at ticking off the goals. There’s still a few that need more effort in and some I haven’t even bothered to complete yet.

I cannot believe how quick this year is already going! How have you done with your resolutions/goals?! Leave me a comment.

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