Halloween Festival At Marsh Farm

As I’m sure you are all very aware, we love a day out at Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park. It stems from my memories there growing up although the farm has most certainly changed significantly since my childhood visits.

We had been invited back for their Halloween Festival. This was our first event day since before lockdown and it felt so good to be travelling back to Marsh Farm. We usually get to nearly all of their special events and obviously with lockdown, lots of them had to be cancelled.

As always, we arrived at Marsh Farm for opening and was greeted by glorious decorations. I have no idea how the staff do such a quick turn around between their events but they always do it to the best standard. 

There was Halloween themed bunting and flags, pumpkins everywhere and cute scarecrows too. It was a sight! It’s the first time I’ve felt autumnal too.

They have a daily programme with the schedule increased for special events like the Halloween Festival. It’s worth taking a look, maybe circling the ones you’d love to see or do so that you can get the most out of your day. As you can see from the snippet photo above, it’s a busy day!

We made the decision not to do any of the meets and greets as I didn’t feel comfortable getting close for photos and from experience, it can get a bit crowded during these as everyone loves a giant pumpkin, Frankenstein and taller than life skeleton!

The first thing we wanted to do with our day was The Spooktacular Fun Fair. Marsh Farm had organised for a few funfair rides to be located just at the back of where the jumping pillows are. There was a ride on horses, dodgems, a haunted house and a haunted rollercoaster. All those funfair rides that are unfolded from a lorry. I always find those pretty fascinating. Anyway, I digress…

We knew these rides may get busy so decided to do them first. Hubby, Freya and Eva rode the dodgems together. Elsa decided to watch from afar. They had two rides before we headed to the Haunted House.

I will put this here, I would not advise taking a child into the Haunted House. It was quite surprising to find such a horrifying experience at Marsh Farm. You can see some of it in my video that I created from our day. It petrified Eva and Elsa but I managed to carry on with Freya. However, it was a great thrill for an adult.

Hubby, Freya and Eva wanted to do the dodgems and horses again, but Elsa wasn’t keen so instead of standing around I took her to the animal barn.

Elsa loves animals and we enjoyed some one to one time seeing the chicks, alpaca, sheep and pigs. We even spotted the cutest mummy pig with her piglets.

We then realised it was nearly time for The Witches and Wizards Wiggle. So we joined the queue and waited for the rest of our tribe to return.

I was impressed by the execution of the wiggle. They only allowed nine families in at a time and we had designated squares to move about in. It meant we could safely enjoy dancing. Even Freya loved our time inside the barn.

After the little show, we took some time to grab some photos in the many photo opportunities created by Marsh Farm. There are pumpkins, spiders and skeletons everywhere.

They’ve also put together a trick or treat hunt around the farm. There are six true or false questions to find an answer. I like doing things like that as it adds a bit more fun to the day.

Marsh Farm was busy. I think it was the busiest we’ve ever experienced a visit to Marsh Farm to be. Despite it being busy, I didn’t feel unsafe. It was easy to social distance from each other.

There are lots of hand sanitisers and extra toilets dotted about the farm. It was easy to keep hygienic throughout our visit. I do like to use my sanitiser gel though as Elsa has sensitive skin.

We found a picnic bench to eat our lunch, just by the outdoor play area. The girls enjoyed some food before heading off to play. We reminded them to be careful but to enjoy themselves. 

After lunchtime and play, we wandered around the farm. Sometimes we don’t get the chance to do this as we are usually busy rushing to and from the different shows. This time, it felt good to be outside and enjoying each others company.

We spotted rabbits, chickens, koi Karp, ducks, beautiful longhorn cows, goats, and more! Eva even managed to pop her finger through and stroke one of the rabbits.

I think I say it every time, but I miss the animal side of Marsh Farm. The learning opportunities through animals was always so much fun for me. It’s more focused on shows and entertainment now which they do fabulously.

We managed to persuade Elsa to hop on the Dodgems before we went to the Pumpkin Picking Village. 

When you book tickets for the Halloween Festival, you get free entry to the Pumpkin Picking Village. However, you can book the Pumpkin Picking Village separately, although this year is sold out so if you plan to go next year, keep an eye out for bookings to open.

The pumpkin picking village is a haven of photo opportunities, we had a great time and I have a separate blog post coming for it to share the photos we took.

On the way round to the magic show, we had some time to enjoy the jumping pillows, giant inflatable slide and the carousel ride.

Marsh Farm has staff at the jumping pillows to keep to the limited amount of people and time slots of about five minutes each. This meant that the children could play safely and keep a distance.

It was also great to see staff cleaning the carousel rides between children too. The girls enjoyed a couple of goes whilst Hubby stood patiently waiting for the magic show.

Adults have to wear face masks in the inside barns, animal barn and of course the Marsh Farm Shop. We wore them whenever we felt it was a little crowded too like when queuing for the shows.

We’ve experienced many different performers for the magic show over the years. Currently, they have Moji Children’s Entertainers performing the magic show. I was pumped to see how funny he would be.

Inside the theatre, we initially were impressed with their safety restrictions. The benches were crossed off and numbers limited, keeping us at a safe distance from other families. However, near to the end of them filling the spaces up, they began to put people on the crossed off benches. This did concern me.

The magic show was incredible! Elsa is a tough nut to crack, you rarely hear her full belly laugh and Moji managed to get her giggling throughout. The time flew by and we left feeling like we wanted to see more! The children all got given balloon hats too.

After the magic show, we headed back to the outdoor play area. The crowds had started to die down by this point and we spent a long time just watching them play. They even found some children to play with which was wonderful to witness.

Just before we decided to head out, we made a quick dash for the dodgems and the funfair rides. Elsa finally decided she wanted a turn which ended up to be a few turns. I even had a go at bumping into my children, it was great fun!

On our way out, I was ecstatic to see the Christmas Farm Shop was already open. I love Christmas so much. The huge tent was full of glittery lights, themed ornaments and all things festive!

It’s worth noting that Marsh Farm has opened a farm shop. It’s been open since lockdown and continues to provide bakery, drinks, fresh and frozen food and so much more. So if you are local, do head there and support small businesses when grabbing your essentials.

We had a wonderful day out at Marsh Farm for their Halloween Festival. I’m very much looking forward to Christmas, but for now, I’ll leave you with our video from the day. Enjoy!

Disclosure: Our entrance was gifted to us.

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