Happy 1 Week Princess 2

Happy 1 week Today Princess 2

What have I achieved in 1 week? Such a lot… But not enough.

This past week I’ve learnt to love two children. My little newborn is so dependent on me right now to love and protect her. Every time I look at her; an overwhelming amount of love fills my heart – how could something be so perfect in this imperfect world.

I’ve also learnt that juggling two children is terrifying. Especially when everyone is telling you to rest. How can anyone rest when they have other children to cater for?! This past week I’ve felt like I haven’t seen enough of P1. She’s been going to nursery or my grandparents religiously and I miss her. But I’m so nervous to have both girls on my own. Lets be honest; as much as I don’t want it to happen, I have to put the needs of my newborn first because she doesn’t understand she has to wait for her feed or for her bum to be changed. Whereas my toddler can understand the importance to wait for an extra 10minutes or so. I hate that. I hate that I’m having to put one in front of the other. But I also have to accept it and that I cannot be two people at once. I just have to make the extra effort at every opportunity with P1.

I’m having them both today… Mainly because I’ve been passing some clots and I’ve been told to rest and today I would of had to get us both out the house to pick P1 up from nursery. And although its only a short 15minute trip – I don’t want to risk anything now I’ve had strict instructions that I basically could die – worse case scenario! I’m facing my fears and it feels pathetic to admit that having my two children is one of my top fears at the moment.

This is all so new still. Even after one week!! I just want to hurry up and be recovered.

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  1. Alice (@mumsmakelists)

    Such lovely photos – congratulations! Must be so hard at the moment – do think we’re a bit hard wired to be anxious in the first few weeks. Hope gets better v soon xx

  2. Its a very scary time. Worst case scenario is your two children and you end up crying. That too will pass. You’ll be fine. If you can blog so soon into this new journey, it shows your not a run of the mil mother. Best wishes from one who has been there and done that! (and everyone lived).

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