Happy 1st Birthday Princess 2

I blinked and a whole year whizzed past. Yup, P2 is a whole year, 12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks old. I know it’s crazy!! I apologise in advance. It’s a long one and a cuppa tea and biscuit may be needed… If you’re not too squeamish that it.

I realised that last year I failed to write my labour and birth story, how stupid of me! I was completely in awe with a new baby and dealt with hubby going straight back to work after just 5 days (2 of those being the weekend and 1 being birth day) But then I probably didn’t write it down because it was pretty darn straight forward and not much to really document in terms of a good labour/birth story for someone else to read and learn from.

I suppose to mark P2s birthday I will write the outline of the day she entered the raw and nasty world.

06th February 2013 39+1 weeks pregnant

4:30am – I wake to feel a pop. Rush to the downstairs loo and my waters break. I grab a towel and shove between my legs to wake hubby up. He groans, turns over and tells me I’m being stupid. I say “no seriously look” drop my towel. To which hubby leaps from the bed and goes into action man mode. Pains start now and we head straight to the hospital as I have been diagnosed with Group Strep B.

5am – Up the hospital. They weigh me and put me on the monitors in the birthing room. Contractions are coming quite quick. I get put on a drip for the antibiotics for Group Strep B.

Somewhere between 6-8am – I try using a birthing ball but do not get on with it. My back is aching. The midwives say they won’t examine me to check dilation as birth is going to be very soon judging by the contractions. I’m hot, I’m cold, I throw up, I poop – yup I said it!

8:30am ish – P2 is nearly here. I push and push and push until I’m blue/red/purple in the face. At this point I’ve made do on just gas and air, I ask for something stronger and everyone laughs.

9:15am – P2 pops out. Slimey and as perfect as can be! She cries – relief. Is wiped clean from most of the gunk as requested and hubby cuts her cord. Then handed to me. We try to nurse but fail as a mixture of her being uninterested and me feeling quite ill/faint. P2 is handed to her Dad whilst I eat a Jaffa cake to boost my energies etc. She’s weighed and is a whopping 7lbs 7oz

9:30am – I have a bath run by hubby in the labour room. Clean myself up. And then I get dressed into fresh pjs and a fresh maternity pad. I then attempt to breastfeed which is a great success. We get transferred onto the postnatal ward around midday.

Our journey began. A family of four. Two pink princesses. Here’s P2 over the past 12months…

February 201320140207-120051 am.jpgMarch 201320140207-120151 am.jpgApril 201320140207-120418 am.jpgMay 201320140207-120703 am.jpgJune 201320140207-120853 am.jpgJuly 201320140207-121114 am.jpgAugust 201320140207-121549 am.jpgSeptember 201320140207-122359 am.jpgOctober 201320140207-103901 am.jpgNovember 201320140207-122526 am.jpgDecember 201320140207-122611 am.jpgJanuary 201420140207-122640 am.jpgAnd last but not least…. The birthday girl…20140207-122730 am.jpgI’m going to treasure the photo of her having a tantrum forever!!!20140207-122756 am.jpgP2 weighs 20lbs, she wears 12-18month clothes, she’s the cheekiest baby I know, she’s always (nearly) smiling and happy. P2 loves music and sounds. She’s crawling, she’s taken quite a few unaided steps and she cruises the sofa/toys/people. She adores Fisher-Price Little People. P2 has a dummy, goes to sleep with a bottle and wakes two to three times a night still. She’s now drinking cows milk – full fat. She understands nearly everything you say and she says only a selection of words; Mumma, dada, her sisters name and hello. She feeds her self completely independently unless it’s a Fromage frais.

Happy birthday beautiful P2!!!!

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