Happy 5 Weeks Princess 2

Happy 5 weeks Princess 2.

I’m still in utter shock at just how different things are with P2. She hasn’t had the “boot camp” of Special Care like P1 who was pretty much forced to settle herself in the incubator. P2 however struggles can’t settle herself, she has to be held or have boobie for her to fall asleep. She’s constantly on the go; waving her arms and kicking her feet.

At the beginning she’d happily lay in my arms all day but gradually as she’s becoming more alert I’ve learnt that she doesn’t want to be in arms. But at the same time she’s not happy laying on her play mat or sitting in her bouncer for more than 5minutes. This past week has been a struggle to satisfy her and I’m just hoping it’s because she’s been unwell and not the vision for our future.

She’s growing – so much quicker than P1 did! P1 started smaller but she didn’t grow out of a nappy size or clothes for a good few months. At 4years old she’s only just in 2-3aged clothes! P2 is very nearly bursting out Pampers New Baby size 1 and she’s fitting in some of the 0-3month clothes and that’s just in 5weeks – Boobie power!!

In the past few days P2 has started to use her hands more. Holding on to me whilst she feeds. Holding her blanket. If I touch her cheek she lifts her hand and rubs the spot I touched. She’s also really strong with her head and always has been – it won’t be long until she has full control.

I know as a parent I shouldn’t be “comparing” milestones. I know from experience that all children do it at different stages. But because things are being so different this time round it makes me compare and learn as I’m going – just like a first time mum.

I’m so proud of both my daughters.

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  1. She’s beautiful, congratulations. I loved reading about all the things she was doing!

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