Happy 6 Weeks Princess 2

How beautiful is she…

So we’ve made 6 weeks. P1 has completely adjusted to her new sister now and seems to be really loving her. P2 is getting stronger by the day, she’s beginning to reach out and touch things properly – like her Daddy’s beard. She’s also started to really babble away to us especially to her big sister. P2 is awake a lot if the day and wakes just twice in the night (around 1/2am and then 5/6am).

I seriously cannot believe how quick these weeks have gone! It feels like she’s always been in our lives and our routines but there’s a few things I’m increasingly missing as the weeks go on:

A bath longer than 5minutes
Every bath I’ve had since P2 arrived have been accompanied or interrupted. I miss those really hot, really long bubbly baths I had. I’d spend at least half an hour daily. I refuse to give in and have showers – my parents shower excuse for a shower is pretty useless!

Sleeping with my arms not above my head
I have been giving in to co sleeping. Not completely yet, she still spends some of her night in the Moses basket but I just find she sleeps better in our bed. I end up falling asleep whilst feeding her with one arm laying across the pillow. Numb arm alert.

A meal eaten when dished up
I think I can count the amount of meals I’ve managed to complete start to finish at the time it was dished up on one hand. As soon as P2 smells food her little eyes open and her crying begins. I’ve started to chop my food up now so I can eat with one hand or if she is asleep to start with I find myself waffling my food down. Indigestion!

Normal bras
Nursing bras suck!! I can’t find a comfortable one. I’ve always been fussy with my bras to be honest but these nursing bras are just the icing on top of the cake. I can’t put my finger on the problem – I’m just fussy.

Wearing nice knickers
My OH bought me new undies, enough for a month, and I haven’t been able to wear any yet. I’m stuck in my granny pants with a horrible maternity/sanitary pad stuck inside. 6 weeks on and I’m still leaking although it had stopped and this weekend it started again… I’m beginning to suspect it could be a period?! Didn’t think it was possible when breastfeeding?

Ok so I see him everyday. With co sleeping occurring at the moment and being on high demand for boobie, it’s a struggle to get a cuddle. I’m not a very cuddly person, to my OH annoyance, but I’m really craving to go to sleep snuggled in his arms – P2 knows this and picks just as I’m snuggling up to her Dad to start wriggling about and waking up!

Neat nails
I’m a nail addict (Visit my Nail Blog) and I keep sporting the chipped, trashy nail look. It’s disgusting. I miss my different-colour-everyday nails. My perfect nails.

Normal clothes
Every time I get dressed I have to really think about it. Make sure my clothes are breastfeeding friendly. It’s so annoying! I want to look stylish a real yummy mummy… But all the nursing clothes I’ve found are just so baggy and frumpy! I don’t want to sound too boastful but I’ve pretty much lost my baby weight and baby flab. Pass me the skinny nursing clothes!!!!

My motivation
Ok so I only had motivation for cleaning/tidying in the last weeks of pregnancy but I’d grown to really love it. It’s gone! Mainly because little madam won’t allow me to put her down for more than 5/10minutes each time. Getting time to get things done is a chore all of its own.

Despite the things I miss … I’m completely and utterly loving being a mother of two little girls. I’m just so excited about the future right now and all the dreams I have for our family.

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  1. Never mind my Shepherd’s Pies, Princess 2 is absolutely gorgeous!! You must be very proud…

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