Happy Father’s Day

I think Father’s Day is a little unfair.

On Mother’s Day all mothers are meant to put their feet up and be completely spoiled rotten.

On Father’s Day, all fathers are meant to have lay ins and be doted on…Erm… Doesn’t this happen every day?!

My OH is an amazing Daddy. He truly is. He’s come into our life, P1 and me, and taken on the father figure role so well. P1 now dotes on her Daddy, she’s completely head of heels for him and he is for her too. The love, patience and kindness he has for them is overpowering. I’m sometimes a little jealous of how he copes with them both. Taking it all in his stride.

He doesn’t have to do nappies, or feed P2, or wake up in the night, or get up in the mornings. But he does do more playtime with them both than I do. He spends more money on them than I do.

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful OH! We are spending the day in bed, chilling after a busy few days. What are you up to today?

Happy Father’s Day and a thought to every son and daughter that cannot spend the day with their Daddy’s.20130616-085448 AM.jpg20130616-085453 AM.jpg

20130616-085514 AM.jpg

20130616-085522 AM.jpg

20130616-085527 AM.jpg

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  1. Happy Father’s Day – sounds like he’s a great daddy x

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