Happy New Year! My 2018 Goals

Last year my 2017 goals was a list of ten things I’d hope to achieve. Firstly, how bloody quick has 2017 gone? I feel like each year goes past quicker and quicker. I looked back on the goals set this time last year, that’s weird to say, and I was so shocked to find that I have managed to achieve eight out of the ten I set. The last two I didn’t get to achieve.

I hate resolutions as they make you feel like a total failure and lets be honest with ourselves, giving up chocolate or Facebook is not really achievable or fun?! So as I do every single year, I am making another set of goals for 2018. I’m aiming high this year with eighteen goals or things I want to do with this coming year. In no particular order:

1) I want to focus on making memories and documenting them, no matter how big or small they may be.

2) I want to get more serious with my YouTube channel. Please leave a comment with some suggestions of things you’d love me to cover, talk about, make, go and do. I’m all ears.

3) I want to work only in the mornings so that my afternoons and evenings can be spent with my family, creating those memories I want to document. Blog and personal life sort of go hand in hand.

4 ) I want to socialise more, I want to network at blog events, I want to invite people to my home, organise days out with friends and have evenings out too.

5) On our child free weekends, I want to focus on Hubby. I want to do things we’ve never done before and see parts of the world we’ve never explored.

6) I want to help out at the school for both P1 and P2’s classes. I’m not sure that P3 would cope well with me helping at nursery but it’s a possibility.

7) I want to create a beautiful garden space for my girls to enjoy during warmer weather. We moved last year and have this huge garden space to fill.

8) I want to go back to Orlando to spend time with our lovely friend that the girls are pining after each day. She absolutely touched our hearts and I’ve since been longing to get back to the sunshine and create more unforgettable memories.

9) I want to focus on building my social media presence and gain a better engaged audience. You can follow me at @lwpprincesses on all social platforms so please head over give me a follow and get commenting.

10) Get to 2,000 YouTubefollowers. I reached my goal last year of reaching 1,000. My subscribers are slowly increasing but I’d love to build on my channel this year.

11) Go to the cinema frequently. Sometimes I feel it’s a bit pointless because we have access to so many films from the comfort of our own sofa, but I want the girls to be comfortable during cinema experiences and for us all to have family adventures.

12) Have a garden party with bouncy castles. We have always used my MiLs garden when we want to hire a bouncy castle for Hubby’s birthday. This year I want to plan a party for P3s birthday.

13) Take on a fund raising challenge for a charity that means something to us. I organised a Buggy Push for Bliss a few years ago which didn’t really take off. I’d love to do something with my blog, with my personal friends circle to raise money for a charity this year. I am undecided what just yet.

14) Do at least one bake a week with the girls and gain new skills. (by the way catch my new video on my YouTube channel today, it’s a 20 questions tag with my girls)

15) Stick to a schedule on my blog and YouTube. I’m aiming at every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm but may drop it to twice a week.

16) Only work with brands that inspire me. Feel confident of my own worth. If you think we’d make a perfect match then please send me an email [email protected]

17) Learn more about beauty and improve my makeup collection. I have really enjoyed learning more and getting better at doing my own makeup. I want to learn how to style my hair better especially as Hubby bought me new straighteners for Christmas.

18) Buy a new laptop for myself. I really want a Mac of some sort. Unfortunately these are a little pricey but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to cope with my current laptop where I have to press the T button super hard for it to actually work.

So there you have it. Pretty random things if I’m honest but all things I really want to do or achieve this year. I am so excited for 2018, I usually feel a bit sad or confused by it all but I have good feelings about our upcoming year. What are your goals or resolutions for 2018? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. It’s a random list but a good list – I hope you meet them. I love the idea of baking more – we are trying to do that here too!

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