“He must have felt really awkward having a four year old stalk him”

Guess what?! We have internet!!!! It feels like forever since we were connected to the world.

It wasn’t an easy set up. It took a combination of Sky and BT and nearly 5 weeks to get us connected. Oh and to install our home phone. It was a real lack of communication between companies in my opinion. My hubby was getting rather frustrated because his work relies on internet access at home.

P1 was absolutely fascinated by the man from BT who came yesterday. I’ve never seen her like that before.
20131010-014403 pm.jpg
She watched him intently as he climbs the pole to fix our line. She followed him upstairs. She followed him downstairs. She sat near him. She told me that he wasn’t doing his job properly. It was hilarious it really was. I felt sorry for the man. He must have felt really awkward having a four year old stalk him!

Anyway, it’s done and fixed up so that means blogging will be back in full swing now.

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