My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 6

My weigh in this week was:

Weight: 45.4 kg
Hips: 28in
Waist: 25in
L thigh: 18in
R thigh: 18in
Tummy: 28in
L arm: 9in
R arm: 9in
Bum: 33in


This week wasn’t much better than the last. We had P2s birthday and so many cakes, sweets and junk food it was ridiclous. I had some sort of major food breakdown and literally pigged on the cakes, biscuits and junk food like it was going out of fashion. Has it made me feel any better? No, of course it hasn’t. I feel unhealthy, I feel exhausted and I’m lacking motivation for everything. I’m having major mood swings and just generally feel so guilty.


I was still having one shake a day, my breakfast one, but I was then having lunch, dinner and plenty of unhealthy snacks. I haven’ done any exercise at all, except the odd walk to playgroup, picking up the kids and doing a little housework.

I am determined now. I’ll have to spend an extra few weeks on the two shakes a day to get myself back on track. I want to feel healthy like the first few weeks of Juice Plus. I think we need to start meal planning, I’ve heard it’s a really good idea to be able to see exactly what you’ll be eating. I’ve made a shopping list for hubby but want to start meal planning for Monday onwards.

Follow my progress here:


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