Our breastfeeding journey has been pretty straight forward, only crack sore nipples this time round.

Today, I’m worrying. This heat is beautiful and I love being in the sun, but P2 just isn’t feeding properly. One minute she’s feeding all the time, the next she’s really unhappy by my boob and squirms and cries.

I’m worried I’m not drinking enough, but in all honesty I don’t think I could possibly drink any more! I’m worried my boobs aren’t keeping up with her demand. She’s just so unsettled today.

Since the heat has increased we’ve only been able to easily get her to nap whilst out in the pram or carseat. Today she napped twice, both only 15/20 minutes long until I decided to walk to collect P1 from nursery. Which sent P2 to sleep and she managed to have an hour.

Are you having problems with your breastfed baby? Or just generally is this heat getting to you/your children?
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  1. My 4 month old isn’t napping or feeding as well either. She is fussing a lot and won’t settle for long to feed. She isn’t having her naps only briefly dropped off in pushchair for 15 mins. Am currently trying to get her settled in her cot which isn’t usually a major issue. Already taken 1 and half hours as so hot.

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