“Her eye looked freaky, swollen and just not right”

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I’ve never had to panic with anything that relates to P2. With P1 it was a totally different story. Literally about 5/10 minutes ago I panicked.

Whilst drinking her bottle of milk, rubbing her eyes because she was sleepy the scariest thing happened. P2 managed to rub/poke her eyelashes inside her eyelid, so instead of inside out it was outside in. It look hideous! It was scary.

I tried to rub them out, she was screaming, I was trying to get her to stop rubbing her eyes but it just wouldn’t go back to normal. I called my trusty MiL as ringing an ambulance didn’t seem worthy. Her eye looked freaky, swollen and just not right.

Within about 10seconds of coming off the phone I managed to pop the lashes out returning her eye to its normal, big and pretty self. I huge relief rushed over me and I rung my MiL to let her know everything was ok!

I’m going to keep an eye on her, excuse the pun it wasn’t intentional, it does look a little swollen but nothing outrageous. I’ll see what it’s like when she wakes up from her nap.

Whilst all this was happening P1 was playing upstairs fantastically with her friend from school!!

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