“Her finger dipped in the water and she jumped”

I hate bath times. They are seriously stressful. I’ve ranted about it before. Today, I had a little break through.
20131218-040929 pm.jpgI filled her “bath tub” (I’m not depriving her, we only have a shower) with warm water and plopped her new Little People inside to entice her to play with the water. I stripped her of clothes but left her nappy in hope for reassurance.

At first she kept pointing, putting her finger closer to the water but stopping promptly before any touched her. P2 made odd whimpering noises each time she was close to the water. Eventually, her finger dipped in the water and she jumped. This is definitely a fear we are dealing with and that’s horrible to think such a small person has a fear of water.

But like I said we’ve had a little break through. I dunked her in, she screamed, I took her out after completely washing her and I held her close and that’s when we had the positive achievement. She stopped crying!!! No sick, no red face, no silent cries, she was calm and I was able to moisturise her whole body in peace.
20131218-042842 pm.jpg

20131218-042902 pm.jpgNow I have a fluffy haired scrumptious smelling daughter! I keep just having to snuggle her. Let’s hope from now on bath times become a little less upsetting for everyone!

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  2. That’s fantastic, well done you, it sounds like maybe you’ve had a breakthrough! So strange to think she has such an aversion to water from such a young age, I wonder why?! But well done for persevering! x

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