HiPP Organic Pouches Review Plus A Competition To Win A Hamper Worth £25!

P2 received a huge selection of yummy organic pouches to get her few teeth and gums around from HiPP Organic.
20131107-092235 am.jpgWe’ve been using HiPP since we started weaning and now they’ve launched 13 new organic pouches! I love pouches, they are convenient and easy to use.

To celebrate this launch HiPP conducted a survey to ask their members for their top tips and experiences. They gathered together the information and created this lovely info-graphic and I’ve been lucky enough to share it with you:
20131107-093125 am.jpgI’m one of the parents that wipe clean at every opportunity and I’m also a parent that gives my daughters food I don’t even like.

P2 loves HiPP. I love the varieties they offer and I am pleased to admit that I’ve even tried some of the flavours. When she first tried HiPP organic pouches she wouldn’t let me spoon feed her, she wanted it straight from the pouch and even learned to squeeze it all by herself.
20131107-095425 am.jpgI love the different sizes of the new pouches. The little ones are just perfect for first tastes and new eaters, or perfect for a mid-morning/afternoon snack for a more advanced eater. P1 also loves the fruity pouches and sneaks a little munch from her sister.

I am very pleased to announce that HiPP organic have a hamper of goodies worth £25 up for grabs. You can enter here:

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(This product was sent to me by HiPP free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are of my own)

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Tasty snack for children or a great starter for weaning. Perfect pouches for on the go feeding

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  1. do it at your little ones pace – there all so different

  2. Don’t rush it. Make sure you wait until baby is totally ready.

  3. When weaning my children I always let them hold a plastic spoon to get them used to the feel and how to hold

  4. Purée up whatever food the rest of the family eats.

  5. Take everything slowly, you will get messy.

  6. Excellent tip. Good luck

  7. Make it a gradual change. Plus try lots of different things. xx

  8. If you have to feed on a carpeted area, it pays to visit somewhere like Dunelm where you can buy wipe-clean plastic tablecovering by the metre. Put it under the high chair and any spills are much easier to wipe up

  9. Don’t rush them! They will eat when they are ready, not when guidelines say!

  10. Relax and stay calm

  11. dont stress too much!

    anna m

  12. Let your baby smell, feel and look at the food, before handing me the spoon (even if it means more mess!) Tell him/her what we are eating today and which colour is it. It’s all about trying and expriencing the food at this point…In time, they will learn to love it themselves 🙂

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Fab tip! Good luck. Don’t forget to come back every day until 30th 🙂 Oh and come back and read my blog too 🙂

  13. Let your child be a part of family meal times

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Fab tip! Good luck. Don’t forget to come back every day until 30th 🙂 Oh and come back and read my blog too 🙂

  14. Joan Sherriff Alexander

    Make your own pouches with an infantino pouch filler! And don’t buy loads of tiny storage pots and ice cube trays because in 3 weeks they’ll be eating more than one pot. Use pots from GU desserts and cover with film. They used to have lids, but sadly don’t anymore. It justifies a pudding for you though!

  15. Give your child the time to experiment with flavours properly – with you eating them too!

  16. Use a handblender to get food pureed really super smooth and try to give baby mostly just what you’re having to keep things simple! And don’t feel bad if you rely on more than the odd pouch when time is short to prep from scratch!

  17. Get a wipedown tablecloth, to put underneath their high chair. Then you don’t need to get stressed. Accept its going to be messy and have fun !!!

  18. Take your time and don’t worry if your little one is not taking much as its all about experimenting and getting used to food for the first year.

  19. Don’t worry how much baby food your lo is eating as food is just for fun in the first year 🙂

  20. Try new foods every few days

  21. Try lots of different types of foods. As adults we don’t like everything so maybe a babies don’t either?

  22. Don’t get stressed!

  23. When your little un is ready for solids, start off by introducing small amounts & then gradually build it up, try to feed at the same times every day & eventually you & baby will fall into a regular routine

  24. Be patient and let your baby take there time, x

  25. anthony harrington

    my tip is to take it slowly, cover yourself up and don’t panic if it takes longer than you think. If you feel it will never happen, remember you don’t see children starting school still relying on bottle feeds!

  26. If baby doesn’t like a flavour to start off with keep offering it as takes time for them to get accustomed to new tastes

  27. Sarah Louise Gough

    We haven’t started weaning yet but my health visitor gave me a great tip earlier, to let baby hold cooked carrot sticks/cucumber sticks to get him used to the texture and eventually it will make its way to his mouth!

  28. Puree some of the meals you all have. Make eating time fun don’t be scared of a little mess at first.

  29. Blend up whatever the family is eating so they get used to the tastes

  30. Purée up whatever food the rest of the family eats.

  31. introduce as much diversity as possible so baby develops a palate to many flavours

  32. To make it an enjoyable experience for both your child and yourself

  33. Let baby try lots of different flavours

  34. When weaning my children (youngest is 7 months) I always let them hold a plastic spoon to get them used to the feel and how to hold it by the time they start feeding themselves 🙂

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      P2 loves to do this too!! Great tip. Don’t forget to come back each day to enter for more chances to win 🙂

  35. Follow Annabel Karmel!

  36. Sarah Louise Blewett

    These pouches are brilliant and full of flavour they make weaning fun my top weaning tip is make food fun my little boy Louie loves fun filled mealtimes!!

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