Hippoprint Personalised T-Shirt

This is in no way a review or sponsored post. I just want to share a company with everyone. It’s called Hippoprint.

I fancied getting a personalised t-shirt to wear for the Baby Show this Friday. I’m due to see a lot of people that I’ve been lucky enough to meet thanks to my blog. So I wanted to be recognised. Only I decided this yesterday… Yup, a little late to get something ordered.

I searched online yesterday and found Hippoprint that offered a next day delivery if ordered before 3pm. You could also pay a little extra for a before 9am slot. It was 4:30pm so I guessed if I ordered it would arrive Friday morning before 9 just in time for me to leave.

Well, to my shock it arrived this morning!! At 8:33am. I’m over the moon and the tshirt is very nearly exactly what I’d hoped for! The wording is redder than what I wanted but it’s here and I’m happy about that. I’m quite looking forward to wearing it at other events too!!

So if anyone is heading over to the Baby Show Olympia tomorrow then watch out for a small mummy wearing this top…
20131024-021656 pm.jpg
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