His 28th Birthday At Isle Of Wight Steam Railway – IOW 2018

Hubby and I are pretty bad at celebrating birthdays. We rarely get each other cards or presents and honestly birthdays are just like any other day. Only this year, we happened to be waking up at The Orchards Holiday Park for Hubby’s 28th birthday. This year I cooked bacon sandwiches for Hubby to have in bed and the girls woke him up with a lovely birthday song.

Sadly, unlike all the year’s I have known Hubby, his birthday was wet and windy. We had already planned to head to the Isle Of Wight Steam Railway and little did he know that there was a surprise awaiting him at some point during his birthday.

We collected our tickets at the main train station, Havenstreet, and luckily there was only a few minutes to wait before the train arrived. The Isle Of Wight Steam Railway is essentially a great opportunity to ride inside a restored Victorian and Edwardian carriage being pulled by a steam train. There are four stops from the original Isle Of Wight track.

The girls really enjoy watching out the window at the beautiful countryside as it zooms past. They also find the steam really interesting as it settles around the trees on our journey. There’s plenty of space in the carriages and they have old fashioned, most likely original, advertisements and photos from when the track was in use.

On the way back from our second round trip of the day already, my MiL surprised Hubby by appearing at one of the stops. She had travelled all the way over to the Isle Of Wight to spend two nights to celebrate Hubby’s birthday. It was a really big gesture and so sweet of her. We then all headed off to the onsite museum, Train Story.

There’s lots of things to explore in the museum, a few interactive children’s activities and you can also see the trains that are ready to be renovated. They give me the creeps a little bit as they remind me of ghost trains in movies. It’s absolutely amazing how much work needs to be done to restore them. 

We had some lunch in the restaurant. The girls shared a sausage roll and some chips. The weather was still pretty yucky, raining on and off but it had brightened up a bit. There’s a lovely train inspired playground near the restaurant which we’ve enjoyed an ice cream or two in previous years but the girls were not dressed for mud and we kept them back from it sadly.

We then hopped back on the train, our tickets were valid for unlimited train journeys the entire day so we could pop on and off whenever we wanted. It stop has lots of history to hear about too which is brilliant. As it was Easter, they had a “Find The Duck” quiz going on and the girls, along with my very enthusiastic mother-in-law, enjoyed hunting them out. I was so shocked when they each received a chocolate duck lolly, so generous and the girls loved them!

After the third or fourth train trip of the day, some lunch and a good explore of Havenstreet we decided to head back to the warmth and dryness of The Orchards Holiday Park. The girls weirdly still wanted to be outside so they had a quick play in the playground.

You can sign day guests in to The Orchards Holiday Park so my MiL and brother-in-law came back with us for some dinner, cake and play. She read the girls their bedtime story which was so lovely. P2 especially loved it as Nannie had cuddled into her bed for the story.

I have eight blog posts from our most recent trip to the Isle of Wight and there’s a whole playlist for my Isle Of Wight holiday videos and I’d love it if you could pop over and take a watch. I hope you enjoy our video below and see you tomorrow for our third day on the Isle Of Wight.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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